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Platinum Go
Platinum anytime, anywhere, any device


Platinum Go gives access to the core functions of Platinum Desktop.

It allows for more  flexibility since it can be used remotely and run on different devices: iPads, android tablets, desktop computers and laptops.

Platinum Go is intended to help doctors input soap notes with the keyboard and the virtual touch pad (macros), consult the past notes, view and update the information of the patient's health file,  billing, book appointments, and manually check in patients.

The user interface is like Platinum desktop, so little training is required before using it.

Some functionalities have been improved.

Platinum Go should be used in conjunction with Platinum Desktop since it doesn’t provide access to all the features and reports that are available in Platinum desktop, such as the Insurance module and X-ray images.


  • Add, view and edit patient administrative files
  • View important financial statistics: first and last visit, number of visits to date, number of visits this year, patient balance, insurance balance, and number of missed appointments
  • Book regular appointments
  • Book appointments with a code
  • Scroll on days and times in the schedule
  • Automatic and manual billing for present and past dates
  • View and edit patient profiles (default treatment, problems, other, and spinal listing)
  • Add and automatically create a new insurance case 
  • Change ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • View history of SOAP notes and edit pas notes
  • Add SOAP notes with the virtual touch pad for present or other dates
  • Create more than one distinct note for the present date and merge the notes. 
  • No need to be configured as an adjusting station to save a SOAP Note and do the automatic billing
  • Add, deactivate and change the date of health messages
  • Doctor notes
  • Protection mechanism to not forget to save a soap note and do the billing


  • Enjoy the core functionalities of Platinum desktop when you are on the go, at home, or meeting patients outside the clinic
  • Run the app on different devices:  iPads, android tablets, desktop computers, and laptops
  • Works with a strong and stable wi-fi connection
  • Allows you to work remotely if necessary
  • Fully integrated with other digital applications offered by Platinum (Platinum Booking and Platinum Reach) and Platinum Desktop
  • Automatic overnight updates so there’s no need to make updates manually
  • Get access to the latest technology for more scalability.
  • This hybrid version is a first step towards the full cloud version of Platinum currently in development
  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive so it requires less training to learn
  • Has the backing of the robust Platinum Gateway infrastructure
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