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Dr. Erik Kowalke - SKED Founder/CEO

Don’t Let Your Patients Become Inactive! - Access These FREE Reactivation Templates


Hi Doc,

Do you have a strong reactivation strategy to help prevent patients from falling off their care? SKED understands the importance of keeping patients compliant, and we make it easy through automated reactivation messaging that you can completely customize for your office.


With SKED Reactivations you can:

Save Time With Automations: Have you been manually tracking patients who have not been in for an appointment? Our reactivation messages are automated, saving your front desk even more time, and avoiding the stress of paperwork.

Set Specific Timeframes: Customize the amount of time it takes for a patient to not have a scheduled appointment and when you want these messages to go out. Example: Most offices have reactivation messages sent every 2 weeks, 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days.

Track Future Appointments Made: Easily track how each reactivation message performed, by having the ability to view who actually scheduled an appointment after receiving the message.

Customize Your Messaging: With SKED, you can completely customize what you want your messages to say! In fact, we recommend changing them up every few weeks to make them seem more natural and personal. Check out this free resource HERE, to access 3 pages of reactivation messaging templates you can use!


As Chiropractors, you want to see people healed and transformed, which also means you need them to stay on top of their care. The goal is to prevent falling off from care from ever happening, but unfortunately people get busy and forget to prioritize their adjustments. Reactivations help you stay on top of patients, while reminding them the importance of continuing care and why it’s important. SKED can help you do this!

Interested in learning more about SKED? Schedule a call with my amazing team today to learn how SKED can improve your office efficiency and help you provide the best experience for your patients!

Dr. Erik Kowalke




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