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Practice Building

  • TLC

    Nothing to Lose and All to Gain from joining TLC’S 10x ROI Program

    Publié le March 07 , 2023
  • Dr. John Davila DC

    While fraud isn't something normally committed by those in our profession, I invite you to take few minutes to help you prevent this in your practice.

    Publié le March 04 , 2023
  • My Five Star

    Why Some Patients Vanish

    Publié le March 03 , 2023
  • The Optimal Health Coaching System

    Watch my workshop, Recession-Proof Practices, as I show you exactly what my Chiropractic clients have done in each of the last major financial crises to not only stave off closure but to actually turn those times into record-setting years. 

    Publié le March 02 , 2023
  • SKED

    Did you know that text messages have a response rate that’s 8x higher than email

    Publié le March 01 , 2023
  • Etatics

    HIPAA-covered entities and business associates need to be familiar with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule and its requirements. This can help you develop a HIPAA-compliant breach response plan.

    Publié le March 01 , 2023

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