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We are the Platinum Insurance Billing Team

A brief history of our department

After seeing a need from clients for something more, an Insurance Billing Service was launched in June 2013. Due to the popularity and demand for the service the Insurance Billing Department was officially established in 2014. Utilizing a team of 2 full-time dedicated billing agents who would go on, to pave the platform for an exceptional billing experience given to our clients for years to come. Our team has now amassed 20+ professional billing agents who strive to offer a seamless billing process which has a compiled array of knowledge and experience within our unit. We work together to provide a service to our clientele that can rival any competitor as we are constantly innovating and adapting to new policies and regulations and are always thinking of ways to improve this service and help our clients grow.

What services does the Team offer?

Our daily routine includes;

  • Electronic & Paper claim submissions
  • Following up on rejected and denied claims,
  • Aging Report Reconciliation
  • Eligibility and Benefits checks
  • Payment posting and Transaction Ledger reconciliation
  • Installations and Training for clients
  • Credentialing and Enrollment services for providers

A snap shot of our performance:

For quarter 1 of 2023 (January to March), we have submitted over 90,000 claims and collected more than $3 million in insurance payments for our clients. We are always seeking ways to evolve and improve our service to our clients in an ever changing market. We introduced a team system to break down the service we offer in 3 major areas: Active Billing, Collections & FollowUps. Since implementing this system we have seen a decrease in our timely filing and denial percentages and increased revenue overall for our clientele. 

How many persons make up the Platinum System Insurance Billing Team?

We currently have 7 teams which comprise of: a Case Manager, Billing Assistant and Clerical Support member on each team, they are led overall by a Team Lead and Supervisor.

Introducing Our Case Managers:

Jelisa: With over 10 years experience in the customer service sector, I commenced my Platinum System journey in December 2019 and I blended neatly with the Insurance Billing Team

With the department's nature of sharing knowledge, I quickly grasped the aspects of insurance billing. I am always willing to assist in any and every task provided within the department.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?:

To know that I am a part of helping clients to get the maximum amount of compensation for services rendered. And giving them peace of mind knowing that the billing team will go above and beyond for any situation that may arise.

Stacia: My name is Stacia and I was born and raised in Barbados. Even after traveling I have always returned home as I am a true Island Girl at heart. Joining Platinum System was a big career path change for me, but like all challenges I took it in stride and here I am today 15 years later and very appreciative of all that I have learned on my journey. I started as a Customer Support Agent and then transitioned into being an Insurance Billing Agent. Having extensive training in customer service, I was able to apply that to my job here. Service excellence has always been one of my ultimate goals in my job.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?: Working and Interacting with my clients as well as making sure that claims are paid correctly and on time. This is a big part of what I do daily and enjoy my day because of it.

Trisha: I was raised in both Barbados and the USA..the best of both worlds! This afforded me the ability to be a part of two diverse cultures.

Insurance Billing is my passion, which I started in 1995, as a part-time job. It was supposed to be just a job to help me out during my college life, so never would I have imagined I would absolutely love doing it and later pursue it as my career. Upon graduating, I pursued it full-time and have been a part of the insurance billing world ever since. In 2008, I moved back to Barbados and in 2010 I started my employment at Platinum System, first as a Support Agent and then an Insurance Biller. I believe that in life we all get a chance at that one thing we love and we should always embrace it, pursue it with passion and dedicate ourselves to its success. I am able to do that every day at Platinum Systems alongside an amazing team.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?:

I love what I do. The entire Insurance process, from encounter to claim payment is both interesting and challenging at times. There is always something new to learn.

Shakira: I joined the Platinum System team in October of 2018 and was assigned to the Insurance Billing Services. With vague knowledge of insurance, it was a welcomed challenge and with the guidance and knowledge imparted from my fabulous team members, I was able to navigate the system quickly and confidently while assisting our clients with each passing day being a learning experience.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?: Everyday presents itself with new challenges and new knowledge, as information is constantly changing with insurance companies throughout the country as every state has different guidelines to follow.

Shindla: I am from the lovely island of Barbados and I am an Insurance Biller. I joined the Platinum System team in May 2017 and was assigned to the Insurance Billing Department. Insurance Billing was a totally foreign and new concept to me especially, hearing everyone speaking and moving through the system with complete ease. Nevertheless, in a matter of weeks, I was able to keep up with the team through proper guidance and coaching. It has been an interesting and rewarding journey which I absolutely love. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and going to the beach. As the company grows, I am excited about the development of the company and look forward to the greatness that Platinum System has to offer.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?: Prioritizing the happiness of my clients and fulfilling whatever requests they make.

Christina: Hi Guys! My name is Christina Gustave and I have been with Platinum System for close to 8 years. I originally started Platinum as a Solution Agent and then after 2 years I transitioned over to our elite Insurance Billing Service Team. I can tell you my experience with Insurance has been a very valuable ride and a great learning experience. Once managed correctly it can definitely make a difference in a Chiropractic's office and the Platinum software makes this very easy! Overall it's a pleasure working alongside my teammates executing and delivering excellent Customer Service.

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?: I enjoy working rejections to ensure that all claims are reprocessed correctly. I also enjoy interacting with customer service reps at the insurance companies, especially adjusters. These calls usually end with the claims being reprocessed and all outstanding money being paid to the clients.

Natasha: I am Natasha Anthony, “a Bajan Girl” living on the beautiful island of Barbados.

I have been a part of the Platinum System family since January 2009. Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of being a part of each team in the Center. I first started as a Support Agent, I then moved on as a Sales Representative and now I’m a part of the Outsource Insurance Billing Service Team!

Everything I have been able to achieve comes from my old school motto” Covet The Best Gifts.”

What makes me enjoy what I do daily?: The ability to be able to have the claims processed in a timely manner as well as giving explanations on why and how the payer has processed the claims. I like the tiny details!

The Insurance Billing Department with its vast wealth of knowledge and pursuit of excellence, is here to meet your insurance needs, advise you on the best practices and assist with meeting your billing goals. We are eager to welcome potential clients and thank our existing clients for their continued support and trust in us to assist them in expanding their businesses and fostering relationships that last for years to come.

We look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback!

Supervisor: Tiffany

Team Lead: Tonia

Team 1: Jelisa Gena Shaquille

Team 2: Stacia Keyon Darren

Team 3: Trisha Amy Jonelle

Team 4: Shakira Ahkeema Tatyana

Team 5: Shindla Kemar Ayi-anna

Team 6: Christina Shanika Monique

Team 7: Natasha Stephanie Erica

Contact us directly at 888-722-2370 or via email: insurance@platinumsystem.com


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