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3 Key Signs Your Current System Is Stalling Your Success

If you’ve been running a chiropractic business without an EHR software system, or with an outdated EHR system, chances are you’re finding yourself spinning your wheels. Even if you’re making a profit, if you’re logging too much time on repetitive tasks like following up on missed appointments or re-submitting paperwork, it’s very likely that your profit margin is drastically slimmer than it could be.

In fact, you may not even realize just how much profit you’re missing out on. But, you are probably painfully aware that your time and tasks aren’t as streamlined as they could be. There are three main areas of your practice that, if not optimally integrated, are likely stalling your success.


SOAP Notes And Billing Software


Are your SOAP notes, x-rays, appointment scheduling, and patient reminders all in one place for fast and efficient referencing on one screen? Are they linked to your billing software? If your notes, appointment schedules, and billing aren’t all integrated into one easy location, you’re spending unnecessary time shuffling through paperwork or switching screens. Plus, you’re also most likely losing revenue from billing errors. Find an EHR software that integrates all patient management information with billing, and that automates repeated tasks like appointment reminders.


Multiple Software Systems


Are you using more than one software systems to handle various aspects of your practice? If you’re using one for scheduling and one for billing, you’re spending too much time transitioning from system to system, to say the least. Beyond that, discrepancies between the system may create errors in your practice management or billing, resulting in more time spent reconciling the differences. Find a comprehensive EHR solution that allows you to access everything—from patient check-in to billing—in one simple to use program.


Technical Support


If you have been using an EHR software program, or multiple software programs, do you receive excellent technical support when you need it? Do the support reps take the time to walk you through a problem solving situation? If the technical support resources you have are anything less than exceptional, then you’re probably not using your software at its full capacity, which means you’re losing time and productivity.


If any of the three scenarios above ring a bell with you, it’s time to stop stalling your success. An advanced, integrated EHR software system should help you feel like Blake B., who wrote this review of Platinum System.

“I have never used another EHR system so I can't compare similarities and differences but I have never felt the need to look elsewhere because Platinum has and does everything I need. From the day I meet a patient until the day they leave, Platinum makes everything streamline to track care, finances, insurance, notes, etc. We use Platinum for insurance billing as well and couldn't be happier with the service and support they have given us.”

With Platinum System, automated tasks, streamlined patient information, and tracked billing will allow you to work more efficiently and see more patients. You’ll spend less time repeating tasks, tracking down hard to find information, and chasing billing reminders. Plus, you’ll have an exceptional technical support team on your side to make sure you’re using the software at its full capacity.

Platinum System EHR software has helped thousands of chiropractors serve more patients at less cost with affordable plans. View a free online demo, or try the software out free for 30 days, no credit card required. There’s a reason why the fast and reliable Platinum System is the #1 EHR for chiropractors and has a 95% retention rate. To discuss how Platinum System might serve your needs, contact us online or call us at 888-808-4898.


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