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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic EHR

If you’ve recently upgraded or switched your chiropractic software, you’re probably looking forward to using all the features it has to offer. While chiropractic software makes life easier for you and your team, it can be easy to set it up and forget it without getting the most out of it. Make sure to take advantage of some of the most powerful tools your chiropractic EHR has to offer. Those include:

  • Using reporting tools 
  • Making sure that your entire team is trained and using the chiropractic software in the same way
  • Automating patient communication 

Take advantage of reporting

While keeping all your SOAP notes and patient history in one centralized location streamlines your practice, don’t skip reporting. While we can’t speak for other chiropractic software, Platinum’s EHR offers reports for the following: 

  • Summary reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Arrivals reports
  • New patients
  • No-show appointments
  • Time performance graphs
  • Income graphs
  • Total appointments graphs

Our reporting tools allow you to see how many patients are no-shows or how many came in during a set period of time. Having access to that information allows you to change your internal processes. For example, if you discover that you have a lot of no-shows, you can initiate an appointment reminder campaign to boost visits. You can also see what percentage of your patients are walk-ins, or how many leave without booking a follow-up appointment. 

Invest in training

Make sure everyone on your team knows how to use your chiropractic EHR. Even if you’ve had it a while, it’s worth it to invest an hour or two per quarter to make sure everyone is on the same page, especially if you have multiple chiropractors in your practice. 

Platinum will train your staff when our software is first installed, and we’re also available for ongoing support should you run into any issues. Still, it’s important to go beyond a technical understanding to get the most out of your EHR. 

Teach your whole team how to take the most efficient, accurate SOAP notes, stay HIPAA compliant, and how to efficiently communicate with your patients. If you have more than one chiropractor on staff, it’s important that you’re all taking notes and updating records in the same way. 

Automate everything

From sending out patient reminders to automating patient routing, make sure your EHR reduces your mental load! Platinum’s chiropractic software allows you to create text messages and emails ahead of time, which then auto send to remind patients of upcoming appointments. This reduces no-shows significantly. 

Our chiropractic EHR also allows you to automatically direct patients to the next place they need to be. A speaker guides them from the waiting room to the exam room without you or your staff manually calling for them. 

Other things that can be automated are patient registration and check-in. All those saved minutes add up, allowing you to see more patients or get home earlier! 

Instant and automated patient communication comes in handy during an emergency as well. If your practice has to shut down due to inclement weather — or any number of reasons — you can quickly send out a mass message to your patients. 

Watch the video below to see how Platinum helped Dr. Jeremiah Schreiber grow his business over the past 15 years!

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