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3 ways to grow your practice during a pandemic


Platinum conducted a survey and found that many offices were seeing less patients during the Covid-19 outbreak, but others were seeing growth. While these are uncertain times, and the rules are changing daily, your office can still see growth. Here are our top 3 tips for growth during a pandemic:

1. Focus on Internal Referrals:

Your current patients are your greatest source for referrals, especially now when you aren’t doing many screenings or events. Are these people bringing their friends and family to your office? If not, how can you persuade them to? Try kid friendly themes and decorations, like Disney movies or Paw Patrol. Pass out family testimonials, and love on people. Encourage your patients to leave a review on facebook or google as well!

If you haven’t read Acres of Diamonds, by Russell Conwell then add it to your reading list, it is a favorite of mine and a game changer for internal referrals.

2. Social Media Marketing:

People are spending extra time on their phones and connecting with people- and businesses digitally, so make sure all your social media is active and your website is updated. Post live videos, share testimonials and make sure you are running engaging ads at all times. You can even collect your social media leads and invite them to an exclusive dinner with the doctor, where they and a friend (now it’s a two for one!) can enjoy dinner and hear about your mission and how it will improve their lives.

3. Dinners with the Doc

With resturaunt’s being closed or open for limited seated, dinners may look different than they did before, but they are still a great way to expose new people to your mission and get them interested in your office. Consider hosting the dinner at your practice, either using a food truck or a catering service. This gets them to your physical location where they can see your awesome office decorations and feel the heartbeat of your practice directly. Seeing is believing for a lot of people right now, and this is an opportunity for them to see – and believe, that Chiropractic care changes lives.

These tips are just the beginning, and we know you’ll want more information, so head on over to https://ampednow.com/ and see which of our programs is the perfect fit for your practice.


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