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4 Key Reasons A Server-Based EHR System Is Better Than Cloud

Web-based EHR systems such as Cloud often claim to be more cost-effective than server-based systems. However, as an article in Forbes that compares cloud and server-based systems points out, not all clouds have a silver lining.


In a Cloud-based EHR system, the practice’s data is stored on external servers and is accessed through any device with access to the web. All patient health information, records, and charts are stored at an offsite data center. Those data centers can be subject to interruptions and breakdowns, which practitioners have no control over.

In contrast, server-based EHR systems stores all data in-house, securely in the hands of each practice. The practice leases or owns the server hardware and EHR software. Security is tighter, and there’s less chance of external circumstances causing connection interruptions. Plus, chiropractic practices aren’t at the mercy of being charged fees to access data, which is often the case when leaving a web-based system.


With web-based applications like Cloud you can only reach speeds up to 100 megabytes max, but with a server-based system you can reach speeds up to 1,000 MB, which is 10x faster. Plus, if the internet goes down all data can still be accessed, which isn’t the case with web-based systems.


Cloud security is another serious issue because it’s up to the practice, not the Cloud provider, to ensure that certain cyber-security settings are properly configured and maintained. Improperly configured Cloud security settings have been at the root of many of the recent massive consumer data breaches, and could put a practice at great liability for HIPAA violations.

With server-based systems, external hard drives and on-site backups ensure that data is protected, and built-in encryption adds crucial HIPAA security measures.


Should a practitioner want to access EHR outside of the office, server-based networks can still be accessed remotely using secure, free services like Remote Desktop, Chrome Remote Desktop, Team Viewer, or LogMeIn.  

Chiropractors can also choose to still backup data to the cloud with services like Carbonite or Mozy, but it’s still safer to backup data with external hard drives and on-site backups.

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that for chiropractors who value the security and control of their data, a server-based EHR system is the better choice.

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