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4 Tips for Your Growing Chiropractic Practice

If you’re experiencing rapid growth at your practice, you want to be sure that everything is streamlined and ready to grow. Without the right systems in place, things can get disorganized and stressful very quickly. 

In order to seamlessly grow, you need powerful chiropractic software that can meet your needs and keep your patients happy. 

Automatic reminders prevent no-shows

Text Message Gradient Instagram PostFirst things first — get your patients in the door! Avoid missed appointments by sending text reminders to your patients prior to their appointment. Text appointment reminders have a 98% open rate, and can increase the number of patients that make it to their appointments by 10%. 

Patients are busy living their life, and many medical providers already offer text message reminders for appointments. In fact, some people rely on those texts and don’t keep track of their appointments any other way! 

Using text reminders is just one way to grow your chiropractic business and keep patients flowing. It’s a win-win — they get the treatment they need with a few friendly reminders, and your business thrives. 

Platinum offers text message integrations to make appointments a little easier for everyone. 

Brainstorm with your employees weekly

Spend time with your employees to find out if everything is as streamlined as it can be. Do your patients spend a long time filling out forms at the office? Is the wait longer than it should be? What’s the temperature of your office? Do patients complain about anything frequently? 

Staying in touch with your team as well as chiropractic assistants is critical. Keep a finger on the pulse of your business on a regular basis by discussing how things went the week before. Beyond that, use chiropractic software to run reports. Your EHR should tell you how many patients were no-shows, how long the wait time was, your revenue flow, and more. 

Platinum does it all. 

Use the best chiropractic EHR on the block

Freedom_009 (1)It’s the rare chiropractic clinic that still uses paper forms, so you’re probably already familiar with using an EHR for records. But not all EHRs are created equal. 

A streamlined EHR allows you to grow without experiencing growing pains. You’re able to scale your practice while preventing anything from slipping through the cracks. Lexington Spinal Care’s owner Dr. Edward Carpenter switched to Platinum when he experienced an explosion in growth. 

“We could not find a software program that could keep up with our growth,” he said. “This program has answered all of our needs, and continuously expands with our growth. We had literally tried 10 different patient accounting programs, one of which had a $40,000 price tag (in the 1990s) and they would inhibit our growth because they were not efficiently designed to allow us to treat more patients. Platinum has resolved the majority of our needs. It has enabled us to double our practice size easily, affordably, and efficiently." 

Get streamlined with the most reliable EHR on the block. (We think it’s Platinum. Schedule a demo and see for yourself!)

Make complicated tasks simple with chiropractic software 

Treating patients involves more than just the treatment — a lot of the tasks involved in the business side of things can be time-consuming. Basic paperwork, SOAP notes, scheduling or adding new patients to your practice… all those pieces add up. 

Platinum streamlines those tasks. Our chiropractic software is designed to provide you with the tools you need to stay organized and keep your appointment book full. 

Some of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your chiropractic software at your practice include:

  • Stressed out staff
  • Many missed appointments
  • Doctors staying at work at the end of the day to catch up on SOAP notes
  • Unresolved insurance claims and lack of on-time payments
  • Trouble accessing patient records when they request them

This last point is especially important now that the 21st Century Cures Act is in effect. The key, when it comes to compliance, is keeping your records clean. Stay organized, and create systems in your practice that help you streamline note-taking and record keeping. Make sure that when patients request their records, you provide it to them quickly and at no charge.

We would love to help you thrive while you grow. We have helped doctors just like yourself take their practice to the next level simply by implementing our chiropractic software. It's customizable and so simple to use. 

Ready? Schedule time to meet with us!


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