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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Chiropractic EHR

Are you working with a clunky, slow chiropractic EHR? If you find yourself spending more time trying to troubleshoot or hack your software than spending time with patients, it’s probably time to upgrade to something better. 

The problem is there are so many choices for EHR softwares on the market, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here at Platinum, we’ve highlighted the top questions every chiropractor should ask before making the switch to a new chiropractic EHR. 

1. Can I easily transition from my current chiropractic EHR to a new one?

Transitioning from one chiropractic software system to another is the hardest part of the process. It’s critical to have the basic demographic information at the very least transferred over.   

You don’t want to have any downtime during the transition, so look for an EHR that can be implemented quickly, or even during the hours your practice is closed. 

Platinum’s software is a comprehensive solution for your practice. If you’re currently using an EHR that doesn’t meet all your needs, Platinum will immediately simplify your life by eliminating the need to switch from platform to platform. That alone makes the transition easier. Select a comprehensive EHR solution that allows you to access everything you need—from patient check-in to billing—in one simple to use program.

2. What kind of support is included with my new chiropractic software?

Will your new EHR leave you high and dry when it comes to training and migration? It can be difficult for staff to learn a new system, and it will make the transition easier if your new EHR has someone available to answer questions or even train you when it comes to using the new software. 

One of the things we hear most often at Platinum is the excellence of our support staff. And that isn’t just during the start up or transition period. We’re with you for as long as you’re with us. When you choose to partner with Platinum, we become an extension of your team, and answer all of your questions in a timely manner. 

3. What areas does my practice need the most improvement? 

You may have the most beautiful, feature-rich EHR on the market, but if it doesn’t solve your problems, there’s no point in having it. Does your practice struggle with patient retention? If so, you need an EHR that makes contacting patients simple and effective. Do a higher-than-usual amount of invoices go to collections? Then you need features that include billing, or a team of outsourced specialists to do the work for you. 

Select an EHR that integrates everything from SOAP notes to billing. Do an inventory of all the different tasks you do throughout the day and ask yourself whether your EHR simplifies it. If not, research those specific needs and select an EHR that addresses your pain points. A few examples include:

  • Patient self check-in
  • Online patient intake forms 
  • HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes 
  • Digital X-rays
  • Text and email appointment reminders
  • Patient activity tracker
  • Doctor auto billing
  • Automated insurance posting

4. What do other people say about the chiropractic EHR I plan to use?

Make sure your chosen EHR lives up to its promises by reading reviews and testimonials. It may take some extra time on the front end, but seeing how chiropractic software works in the real world will save you time and money in the long run. 

If you’re curious about Platinum’s reputation, check us out on Capterra or any other review website. We’re incredibly proud of our software and our team. There’s a reason 99% of our chiropractors stay with us for the life of their business. 

As Dr. Mark Kimes says, “My only regret about the Platinum system is I should have installed it much sooner. Any DC who does not have this total practice management system in their office is actually losing money. Now we are also able to track our patients and follow up with them like never before which has amounted to a huge increase in retention and income. If you want to cut your overhead and increase your income then Platinum is a must for every DC.”

5. Does my EHR help me solve billing issues and collect more money?

Patient satisfaction is the top priority for chiropractic practices, but you also have to make sure you can keep the lights on. If your billing system is a mess, your revenue will be as well. It can be incredibly time consuming to file and follow up on billing, and if you make a mistake, it affects your bottom line. Did you know that the average chiropractic office loses at least 3% of insurance collections because of taking too long to file, not following up on claims, or simply misfiling claims? There’s no reason for that.  Select an EHR that automates your billing. 

Platinum can handle your billing for you with our team of trained billing specialists. We save you time and money with our advanced billing software, which validates insurance information, submits claims, tracks payments and posts the payments. 

Are you ready to stop wasting time and streamline your practice? Schedule a demo today. 

Platinum automates tasks, tracks billing and streamlines all your patient’s information so that you can work efficiently and see more patients. Communicate easily with your patients while increasing your billing revenue. And if you get stuck, we’re here to help!


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