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A Chiropractor’s Step-By-Step Guide to Switching EHR Software Systems

If your EHR software system is outdated, cumbersome, or hurting your productivity more than it’s helping it, most likely it’s time to switch to a better system. While switching may seem daunting or disruptive to your practice, converting to a better solution will save you time and money in the long run. In fact, many chiropractors wish they’d switched sooner when they discover how much the right EHR software transformed their practice. If you’re considering switching EHR software, know that the rewards will quickly outweigh any disruptions, especially if you adhere to the following steps.

1. Choose a simple system.

You chose to become a chiropractor, not an IT professional, and your software should support that. Look for an EHR system with a user-friendly interface where you can access patient records on one screen instantly. The goal in switching software is to streamline your business, so choose a system that can also automate simple tasks such as appointment reminders and billing. If your current software requires four or five steps to complete one task, find a new system that only requires one or two steps at the most.

2. Explore the options to try, buy, or rent.

A reputable EHR software provider will offer online demonstrations as well as a free, no-strings-attached trial for a month. Take advantage of this so that you can see how the software actually works and how easy or difficult it is to use. If you decide it’s the software for you, ask if you must buy the software upfront, or if you have the option to rent it by month. If that’s the case, make sure you’ll still have access to the same services you’d be offered if you purchased it upfront, such as full tech support and updates.

3. Determine what you’ll need.

New software often requires new hardware, so find out what will be required to run the system. How many stations, screens, and servers will you need for your practice? Typically you’ll need a station for doctors to access in each treatment room, one for the front desk, and one for patients to sign in and check out. Then, find out what the set-up fees are, and how you and your staff will be trained.  

4. Prepare staff.

Asking your assistants and front desk staff to change the way they work can be difficult, but you’re likely to raise their willingness when you tell them what’s in it for them. Give them a list of tasks that will now be automated for them along with an estimate of the amount of time the new software will save them. Reassure them that you’ve chosen a software provider that is well-known for thoroughly training each staff member and that offers prompt technical support as often as needed.

5. Bring patients up to speed.

Patients may not be aware that you were unhappy with your EHR software and have switched systems. They’re used to the way you’ve done things in the past, so let them know how the new system will benefit them. For example, will it save them time checking in or checking out? Will they receive better communication from your office? Will it alleviate annoying billing mistakes? Let your patients know you’ve invested in new EHR software with their best interest in mind.

6. Get support when you need it.

Choose an EHR software provider that guarantees their technical support team will remain dedicated to you long after training and data migration have been completed. Prompt and thorough technical support should be at your fingertips so that you and your staff are able to use the software at full capacity.

Although it may seem time consuming and pricey initially, investing in the best EHR software system can ultimately reduce your costs and even increase revenue.


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