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Boost Office Morale with the Right Chiropractic EHR

Chiropractic software is much more than just a way to get away from filling out forms manually. The right chiropractic EHR will streamline your practice, keep your notes easy to access for insurance purposes, and provide you with more time to see patients. 

Beyond that, though, a robust chiropractic EHR will improve morale at your practice. With a smooth check-in process, Platinum’s patient calling system, simple billing solutions and integrations that make rescheduling appointments a breeze, your employees will stay organized and confident in their ability to make patients happy. 


Improve check-in with Platinum’s chiropractic software

When patients are frustrated at wait times at your practice, that stress boils over onto the staff. If you take some time to fine tune your check-in process, the entire experience will be better for your patients. And if the patients are happy, life is easier for your staff! 

At Platinum, your success is what motivates us. We offer patients a chiropractic health card, or key tag, that can be downloaded on the patients’ phone. This card contains all the information needed to get them checked in quickly and accurately. Patients scan their card or phone with infrared barcode scanners when they check in, which pulls up their file. The patient’s entire chiropractic history is available to see, including SOAP notes, thermal scans and visit history. 

If the patient hasn’t downloaded the card onto their phone, physical cards can still be scanned. What this does is cut down on time spent on looking up records while making the check-in process stress-free for your patients. 

Platinum’s call-routing system then transitions the patients to the appropriate room when it’s time. It’s one less thing for your staff to do, and continues to streamline the patient experience. 

Nothing causes stress like unhappy patients. That's something we want to help you avoid. 

Appointment reminders with chiropractic EHR

Missed appointments means missed revenue, and that’s always stressful for you and your employees! If missed appointments are becoming a problem, use Platinum to send out two-way text and email communications. These appointment reminder messages can be scheduled to go out automatically, and serve as a simple reminder to your patients of the time and day of their appointments. 

Sending a simple automated appointment reminder can reduce no-shows significantly. If you’re still calling patients manually to remind them of their appointment, you could free up valuable time by switching to automatic reminders. 

No-shows are stressful for your employees, but it’s also stressful for your patient when they know they’ve missed an appointment. Getting around to re-scheduling and possibly paying a fee for missing the appointment is a recipe for short tempers and irritation, which could result in losing that patient. Avoid all that hassle by sending out appointment reminders. 

Simple chiropractic billing solutions

Money can be a difficult thing to discuss, especially when bills go unpaid. Not getting paid on time and inefficient billing practices can curb your revenue flow. 

Managing billing can be very stressful for your staff, and knowing that your office is in the red can easily lower morale. All employees want job security, and if the money isn’t flowing, that can be a scary thing. 

Many chiropractic practices turn to third-party IBS billing solutions to save time and money. Rather than pay an entire staff member to handle billing, you can rely on a team of professionals that make it their business to know the ins and outs of insurance billing. This option takes a load off of your employees and ensures you’re collecting the money you’re owed. 

It’s not just past-due accounts that benefit from a powerful billing solution within software for chiropractors. Regular invoicing should be simple and easy to review. Steady cash flow allows your employees to get paid on time, and reduces the stress that comes from balancing accounts. 

Whether you use Platinum's third-party billing solution, do your billing in-house, or use another system, make sure your process integrates easily with your EHR. Your systems should be as streamlined as possible. This applies whether you use cash or accept insurance. Your staff will thank you!

Platinum is a robust, fully integrated chiropractic EHR that improves the lives of chiropractors and their employees. If you want to talk about getting Platinum for your practice, schedule a free demo with us!


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