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Confused About MIPS? This Free eBook Provides The Clarity You Need.

Whether you’ve just starting out or have been a practicing chiropractor for years, you’ve most likely heard many opinions about MIPS, the merit-based incentive payment system regarding Medicare billing. If you’re confused about if, when, and how you should be participating in MIPS, know that you’re not alone.

Because clinicians have the flexibility to choose the degree they implement the MIPS program, it can be difficult to know where to start and which path is best for your practice. No doubt you have many questions, and the free eBook The Math of MIPS has the answers.

The Math of MIPS eBook will help you assess whether or not the program will be beneficial or detrimental to your practice. With a comprehensive overview and a detailed yet easy-to-follow mathematical breakdown of the MIPS program, you’ll understand how MIPS works and how your practice may or may not benefit from it.

At Platinum Systems, we know that understanding and implementing programs like MIPS is integral to the most advanced EHR and billing software. Accurate data reporting is the key difference between penalties, incentives, and payment adjustments, so it’s our mission to help you optimize your profitability with MIPS should you qualify.

For that reason, we offer The Math of MIPS free of charge, as part of our dedication to serving chiropractors with the best tools to grow their practices. If you want to take confident steps with the MIPS program in 2018, download this free eBook here.


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