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Dr. Daniel Knowles: I Can Take a Note in 15 Seconds

Years ago, Platinum’s 20-year marketing and sales consultant Mark Lewis worked for well known Dr. C.J. Mertz. They met while Mark was still a golf professional and country club manager, and Dr. Mertz observed that Mark suffered from seasonal allergies. 

Of course, Dr. Mertz recommended a chiropractic adjustment. While Mark was skeptical at first, he took him up on his offer, right there on the driving range. 

He wound up working for Dr. Mertz, which gave him the industry knowledge he needed when he was hired on at Platinum. Dr. Mertz used Platinum in his own business, and Mark was impressed by how it could run an entire office. They tweaked the software to run Mertz’s coaching practice, which is how Mark came to know the EHR software so well. 

Last week, Milehigh co-founder Dr. Daniel Knowles interviewed Mark about his career and Platinum. 

Mark believes in Platinum, but doesn’t think it’s for everybody. 

“If I walk into an office, and a guy is seeing 10 patients a day, spending 20-30 minutes on each appointment, and he’s spending a lot of time on therapies and decompressions, I assume they don’t really believe chiropractic works,” Mark said. “Because they think they should offer more services to justify their cost.”

Mark believes the power of chiropractic should stand on its own. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to do what needs to be done! 

“Platinum is all about making it easier to see more people,” Mark explained. 

Efficiency is another key metric for Platinum. 

“I ask all the time how much is your time worth?” he said. “If you have to sit there and do notes for an hour, you’ve wasted $300 of your time. You could be with your family, do what you should be doing, during that time.”

Dr. Knowles agreed that one of the biggest things he sees in a low volume practice is that the staff doesn’t value their time, or recognize how quick and impactful a simple adjustment can be. 

“If they’re using their time inefficiently, they can’t make as much, because they’re not valuing their time or valuing their adjustment,” he said. 

Platinum’s EHR saves you time in the following ways:

  • All patient records accessible on one screen

  • Fast and efficient SOAP note-taking system

  • Electronic patient check-in

  • Automated scheduling and appointment reminders

  • Automated call back to adjusting room system

  • Easily group and schedule family visits

  • Color-coded appointments for efficiency

  • Synced, easy to view x-ray imaging

  • Credit card processing integration

  • Features to promote accurate data entry

  • Billing support services

  • Reporting tools to track statistics and growth

  • All patient information is accessible from multiple locations in the office

You can listen to the full interview here. 

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