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Dr. Jay Shetlin

Dear chiropractors,
If you are exercising your privilege to practice right now, enjoying the opportunity to provide for your family while 55% of the US is unemployed, boosting the immune system -naturally- for your community...Then thank your state association for making you "essential."
I am a firm advocate for doctors being "Producers" not "Consumers" in their state and community. Garrett Gunderson (financial guru and chiropractic advocate) teaches that producers always, "give more than they take." They have an "abundant' mentality that attracts more emotional-spiritual-physical-and financial wealth to them. Consumers, on the other hand, take with out concern for others, siphon off the labors of others.
I hear doctors from several states say, "I don't support what my board is doing right now."
So what!
If you want to change it, volunteer to serve. But always...always support your state chiropractic association financially, and with quality input. They do more than you realize to make it possible for you to practice the way you enjoy. Member or not, give them a shout of gratitude, today.
If you are not a member or supporter of your state association...think of it as tithing for your practice (but it is probably more like 1/10th of a percent of what you earn) to support your beautiful profession.
Jay Shetlin


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