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Dr. Jay Shetlin OCT

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Those that chose to specialize in an area, such as chiropractic pediatrics, CCSP / sports chiropractic, Neuro-diplomats, and Personal Injury are among the most successful in our field. Why? Because people trust a specialist over a "jack of all trades." I am not saying this to put anyone down, I am simply stating Peretto's Law or the 80/20 rule.

20 percent of us are successful practitioners seeing 80% of the patients in the world. Not because we are better than anyone else, but because we FOCUS with a specialty. It removes confusion. It helps us to refer to each other. It helps the public to find what they are looking for on their first try.

If you are interested in Personal Injury, please DO NOT dabble in it. Get certified!  Hang out with like-minded individuals at Whiplash Group seminars / web calls, FB, etc). It is easy and very cost effective! Watch this short video about cost and options by clicking on the pyramid below.


Docs, I make some pointed comments in this email and the above video link. It is not to offend, it is for accountability. If you are offended, you took my words in the wrong spirit. May we all grow and prosper through positive abundant thinking, actions, and services.

"Income is a byproduct of service, so provide outstanding service!"




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