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Dr. Tim Young's Advice on Success as a Chiropractor

During last week’s Platinum Talks webinar, Dr. Tim Young spoke with Platinum about the benefits of keeping things simple. 

Dr. Tim, who founded Focus OKC as well as Focus Foundations, has used Platinum in his practice for years. 

“It made our life so easy,” he said. “I run a real efficient practice… and all my notes are done seamlessly.”

He sees, on average, 130-160 patients a day. 

Platinum has freed his staff up to get everything done more efficiently. 

“I’ve never heard anyone complain about Platinum,” he added. “I praise this software.”

Dr. Tim is in his 20th year of practice. He sees a high load of patients in a short period of time while keeping his overhead low. Still, he manages to connect with all of his patients. 

“Connection is what’s vital,” he said. “That’s what’s missing in our world today — that eye to eye, heart to heart contact.”

His message to his coaches, and to Platinum’s customers, is this: Simplify. 

“In school, we’re taught that we have to specialize, add more value to the visit, sell supplements, massage, all these therapies,” he said. “Everyone thinks you have to complicate it.”

He says to focus on the attention, technique, and mastery of moving the bone. Patients come to a chiropractor to get an adjustment. Anything else that’s offered can be gotten at other places or from other vendors, but not the adjustment. 

“If it isn’t 100% necessary to allow your patient to heal, remove it,” he said. “Simplify, remove unnecessary actions and procedures, focus on the adjustment and watch your practice explode.”

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