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For a Strong Practice, You Need Powerful Chiropractic Software

If you want a strong practice, you need a powerful chiropractic EHR to help you streamline the administrative side of your business. For many of our newest customers, we’ve done just that. 

“Our business is new to Platinum, but we could not recommend it highly enough to chiropractic offices!” said Miranda at McLaughlin Chiropractic Center. “Credit cards, insurances, code-scan check ins, and so much more… Platinum has your back in so many ways!”

Platinum simplified and streamlined their practice “in the best possible ways.”

The biggest pro, according to Miranda, is “keeping all our patient information in one place, easy to access, and with significantly less steps and overall fuss as other softwares used in chiropractic offices.”

Miranda’s practice recently switched from a competitor, whose customer service was “extremely difficult to reach and often unhelpful. [The competitor’s] expense was not worth the product received, as many features fell short of office and patient needs.”

Platinum’s customer service is often mentioned in our customers’ reviews. 

“The customer support team at Platinum is a difference maker — if we have any problems, errors, or just a question they are quick to answer phones and provide immediate feedback and solutions,” said Brooka at Restoration Family Chiropractic. “We are able to make a to-do list, manage patients through stop managers to keep them on track with their doctor's recommendations, easily have patients check in and get called to a room without having to interrupt the team, and it integrates easily with our merchant processor and texting service. The best part — there are still so many features we can learn and utilize!”

Our software made Brooka’s scheduling and patient account management a breeze. 

For Jacob at Inside Out Chiropractic, Platinum has allowed them to start their own practice and grow into a “thriving high volume practice with very few hiccups.”

“The hiccups we’ve had, the support team went above and beyond to help us resolve as quickly as possible,” he said. 

Jeremiah from Eerie PN installed Platinum 15 years ago.

“It’s phenomenal — we couldn’t practice without it,” he said. “It’s a way to simplify, grow, and easy to implement.”

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