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Ge the most from your check in process!

Freedom_012From start to finish Platinum is designed to make your office run faster and more efficient.  The best place to start is right when the patient checks in.  You want to make sure this process is easy for the patient and meets your goals as an office.  Many offices use a Chiropractic Health Card at check in.  This is great especially during Covid as there is no contact with anything but the card.  Now with the combination of a 2-D scanner patients can capture the card on their cell phone with apps like Keytag or just taking a picture.  This is great for families as everyone can have access to the card.  Also, it eliminates losing cards as most people have their phones attached to them one way or another.  If you want to get a 2-D scanner for your office you can look here.  2-D Scanner

At check in not only are you arriving the patient but you want to also make sure you are on top of everything they will need to accomplish on that visit.  The stop manager is a great place to keep track either by visit or by date.  Don't miss payments, re-exams, care plan ending, opportunities to get referrals and other processes that can slip through the cracks.  When a patient starts care you should have a solid procedure for your stop managers.  Get them in the system and let Platinum run it for you.  Don't rely on memory management or sticky notes, the patient will  feel special and you will be in control of their care.  We will dive deeper into care plans on a later post.

Use the Platinum check in process to notify patients about upcoming events or promotions.  Ever notice that the right side of screen is blank.  The reason for this is you can put a flyer or promotion when the patient checks.  To set this up go to U Utilities then F task.  Select what visit count or visit counts you want the promotion to appear.  For example if you want everyone to see it put from visit 1 to 999.  You can then select a JPG picture by hitting F9 and attach it to the task.  Remember the picture only stays on the screen for 4 seconds do don't make it too wordy.  You can also set the task by a specific visit count for example "Congratulations this is your 20th visits!"  Have fun with it and impress your patients.  

If you need help with any of these features we have a great support team ready to help.  You can contact us by chat at www.platinumsystem.com or by phone at 888-880-8602.  We look forward to speaking with you.


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