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How A Patient Kiosk Speeds Up SOAP Notes

There are so many moving parts to patient visits that it’s easy for any one step to throw a wrench in delivering attentive care to each patient, and on time no less. Delays often start from the minute a patient walks in the door and checks in. If the front desk staff members are busy checking other patients in or out or are dealing with phone calls or paperwork, patients’ appointments inevitably become delayed. But there’s a unique solution for that, and it’s one that speeds up the doctor’s SOAP note process as well.

With Platinum System EHR software, each patient receives a patient health card. When they come into the office they use this card at a kiosk to sign in electronically. They no longer have to sign a sign-in sheet, or wait to talk with a front desk staff member. This saves both patients and front desk staff a surprising amount of time.

Patients are then automatically called back to the adjusting rooms based on the time that they signed in. Every chiropractor knows the scenario of how it goes when a patient is called back before another patient who’d already been waiting before they walked in the door. Staff members have to put time and energy into dealing with the angry patient, but the patient kiosk eliminates this issue.

The other major benefit of the patient health card system is that once patients are in the adjustment room they can electronically enter information about how they are doing compared to the last visit. Essentially, the patient is filling out the “S,” or subjective, component of the doctor’s SOAP notes, rather than the doctor having to ask and then fill it out. Once the patient is on the adjusting table, the doctor can access the patient’s entire history—including what the patient entered plus all SOAP notes and x-rays—on one screen. This makes the entire SOAP note process much more efficient and effective.

With one touch of the screen, doctors can also flag patients’ files so that the front desk staff knows to stop them for payments, insurance verification, or other matters. There is no more need for sticky note reminders or messy paperwork. The EHR software also allows for automated messaging for appointment or upcoming event reminders, and allows patients to reschedule electronically when necessary.

The most important purpose of EHR software is to save chiropractors and their patients valuable time. The software simply must be user-friendly and offer unique solutions like a patient check-in system in order to do that.

Platinum System EHR software is a fast and reliable tool that helps dedicated chiropractic doctors focus on healing patients and growing their practice. Our certified trainers will work with you and your team one-on-one to make sure you know how to use the Platinum System to its fullest capabilities. You can also learn the program at your own pace with our training videos and extensive training manual if you prefer.

Platinum System saves you valuable time and money at affordable plans. Check out our free online demo to see how the software works, or try it out free for 30 days, no credit card required. You’ll receive training and access to the full program so that you can see for yourself why Platinum System is the #1 EHR for chiropractors. To discuss how Platinum System might serve your needs, contact us online or call us at 888-808-4898.


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