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How Much Could You Be Saving With A Better Billing Service? [Free Calculator]

Let’s face it, billing is time-consuming and often frustrating. The average office loses 3% of insurance collections due to unpaid claims, slow filing, unfollowed claims, and misfiled claims.

While every chiropractic doctor is aware of the challenges and lost revenue due to billing, it’s not always as clear what do about these problems.

How do you know when it’s time to invest in an outsourced billing company, or switch to a different one? And how can you be sure that investment is going to result in a positive ROI?

With the Platinum System’s experienced Insurance Billing Specialists and revolutionary new SMART insurance billing module, you can easily eliminate your insurance collection stress.

To show you the potential financial gains, Platinum System has created a free calculator that takes into account your total cost to collect insurance and the increase in revenue you might expect to see with the Platinum Insurance Billing Service.

As Dr. Schels said in How One Chiropractor Doubled His-Practice Volume With Less Staff,

“Once we switched to Platinum System to handle our billing a few years ago, our collection percentage instantly went up 5% and the cost to bill went down $2000 a month due to us not needing a full time staff to do it. Hiring Platinum to do our billing ended up being the best business move I've made in my office.”

Your Platinum System billing specialist can increase your billing collections and save you valuable time and money, too. Use this calculator to get an estimate of how much you could be saving by maximizing insurance collections for your practice.

A Platinum System Insurance Billing Specialist along with the new SMART insurance billing module will eliminate your insurance collection stress for as low as 6% of collection. Plus, you can use the efficient and highly-rated Platinum System EHR Software to manage all patient data at no additional cost.

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, and is dedicated to helping chiropractors save time and money. To see how our tools can help you grow your practice, book a free online demo. Or, if you’d like to discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique billing and patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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