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How One Chiropractor Doubled His Practice Volume With Less Staff

Starting a chiropractic practice comes with all the challenges that launching any business requires. Systems must be implemented for hiring and managing staff, for following proper patient procedures, for billing, and for marketing. But what about an already established chiropractor, who has been in business for a few years and is now wondering if his or her systems are yielding the best results for the longevity of their practice?
It’s a common concern for chiropractors who are operating an established practice. Their patient volume may be barely keeping pace with business costs, and they are wondering if there are better systems or solutions that would accelerate their growth and help them serve more clients without increasing overhead.

Dr. Jeff Schels, who opened Advanced Chiropractic in Temple, Texas, in 2003, was at that stage after eight years in practice. “When we first opened we decided that our purpose would be to help as many people as possible regain and maintain their health using the highest of quality chiropractic care in a clean, friendly, professional environment,” Dr. Schels says. 

In order to fulfill that mission, he needed five full-time staff members, but they still weren’t meeting the patient volume he expected. Then, in 2011, Dr. Schels switched to Platinum System’s EHR and billing software, which streamlines patient and practitioner procedures at every interaction from check-in to check-out.. “We use both their software as well as their billing service,” Dr. Schels says.

He adds, “Before Platinum, our office had five full time staff. Since we started using Platinum, we've over doubled our practice volume but now only have three full time staff. The ability to see so many more patients with almost half the staff is totally a result of Platinum System.

Platinum System’s EHR software accounts for overall clinic and patient tracking, which saves chiropractors measurable time and expense. In addition, the billing software reduces lost revenue from human-error billing mistakes.  

“Speaking of their billing service,” Dr. Schels says, “Once we switched to Platinum System to handle our billing a few years ago, our collection percentage instantly went up 5% and the cost to bill went down $2,000 a month due to us not needing full-time staff to do it. Hiring Platinum to do our billing ended up being the best business move I've made in my office.”

An industry leader since 2000, Platinum System has the expertise and experience to help chiropractic practices save time and money. Operating on a global scale, we provide chiropractors the tools they need to succeed, from check-in to check-out, with the fastest and most reliable EHR software in the industry. For more information about how Platinum System can help you grow your practice, contact us online, book a demo, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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