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How One Doctor Revved Up His Practice By Switching EHR Software

Dr. Scott Sawyer, of Sawyer Chiropractic Group, had a relatively successful practice in Santa Cruz, California but he felt like he and his chiropractic assistants were spinning their wheels with administrative tasks. Paperwork consumed too much time, and Dr. Sawyer figured there had to be a more efficient way to run his practice. He began to research EHR software in search of a faster system that would reduce the time he and his staff spent on tasks like paperwork. After reviewing a demo of Platinum System EHR software, he decided to give it a try.

After setting up the software on one computer for himself and a second computer for the front desk, Dr. Sawyer found the implementation process to be easy. He says, “As soon as we began using the system I was able to put more focus on my patients instead of all the paperwork and I was able to continue to efficiently serve over 600 patients per week.”

A patient’s entire history is available with one touch of the screen. All S.O.A.P. notes, X-rays, thermal scans, or posture pictures can be instantly accessed so that Dr. Sawyer can make informed clinical decisions to help his patients stay on track with their care. Meanwhile, his staff can easily access the patient’s records at the front desk for tasks like billing or appointment scheduling. 

The amount of time the practice spent on paperwork plummeted. In fact, the time Dr. Sawyer and his staff saved had an unexpected benefit that not only improved overall productivity but profitability as well. Dr. Sawyer says, “Since the system is so efficient, I don't need as many adjusting rooms as before and now I lease three rooms out to another chiropractic doctor who also uses the Platinum system, which is a great income stream!”

Dr. Sawyer says that even by adding another doctor to the practice, his chiropractic assistants didn’t have any additional paperwork or tasks because the system does the work for them. With a touch of the screen, assistants have access to patient activity tracking information, auto EFT and credit card processing, auto insurance posting, and text and email appointment reminders.

An added benefit of the Platinum System EHR software for Dr. Sawyer is the reporting and statistics feature that helps him track the growth of his practice. He says, “The system will keep incredible statistics for every aspect of your practice, all at the push of a button.”

Clinic information is at his fingertips with everything from summary reports, transaction reports, arrivals reports, and time performance graphs. For example, Dr. Sawyer and his staff can find out how many new patients brought their families in to get checked, view practice trends for patient visits or graphs that monitor practice growth. Dr. Sawyer receives automated email statistics showing new patients, conversion percentages, collections, total office visits, and more. He no longer has to track that information himself or ask a staff member to.

“In short, I can't imagine running a practice without it,” Dr. Sawyer says about Platinum System EHR software. “To sum up, the system has made our patient services so much easier! I run a successful, high volume practice with fewer chiropractic assistants than ever before and, finally, I am much more profitable than ever before. I cannot imagine EVER going back to the dark ages before Platinum.”

Platinum System EHR and billing software programs are fast and efficient tools that help dedicated chiropractic doctors keep their focus on patients, not paperwork. From start to finish, and with exceptional customer support every step of the way in between, Platinum Systems saves you valuable time and money at affordable plans.

Check out our free online demo to see how the software works, and why Platinum System has a retention rate of over 95% among doctors like Dr. Sawyer. You can also try Platinum System for free for 30 days, no credit card required. You’ll receive training and access to the full program so that you can see for yourself why Platinum System is the #1 EHR for chiropractors. To discuss how Platinum System might serve your needs, contact us onlineor call us at 888-808-4898.


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