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How To See More Patients Without Increasing Staff

It’s a common belief that in order to see more patients, a chiropractor must add more staff to handle the many administrative tasks like managing patient files and billing. It’s understandable to equate more patients with more staff, but that scenario isn’t the most effective way to increase profits. There’s a more efficient way to increase your practice’s patient roster without needing to hire additional staff, and that will increase your revenue more quickly.

The right EHR software can handle many tasks that a front desk staff member or chiropractic assistant might usually handle. For example, an EHR system that uses chiropractic health cards for each patient allows the patient to register themselves online and sign in electronically when they arrive for a visit.

Patient's files can be flagged to stop for payments, re-exams, insurance verification, or other notifications without the need for a staff member to make reminder calls. And text or email appointment reminder messages help patients stay on track and miss fewer appointments, which also leaves the staff free to focus on the patients currently in the office.

Automatic billing also reduces staffing tasks and increases revenue. EHR software can automatically bill patients for the day’s services, without any intervention from your staff or assistant. At each visit, you may verify the billing from the patient’s information screen to make sure it’s accurate. When necessary, you can easily send messages to the front desk staff.

EHR software should seamlessly integrate many of you practice’s daily tasks, requiring less staff work and freeing you to see more patients. Some of the ways EHR software can streamline your practice include:

  • Patient self check-in
  • Online patient intake forms imported into patient's file
  • Compliant Customized SOAP Notes all on one screen
  • Digital X-rays, posture pictures, or scans all on one screen
  • Easy-to-use front desk screen
  • Intuitive multiple appointment scheduling
  • Track patient visits by year, care plan, or total
  • Text and email appointment reminders
  • Patient activity tracker
  • Doctor auto billing
  • Auto EFT and credit card processing
  • Automated insurance posting
  • Automatic stats email system
  • Stats graphing and trend analysis
  • Patient alert system

The Platinum System EHR software program includes all the above and much more. Platinum’s goal is to be the most reliable, easy to use, intuitive office management system in the Chiropractic Industry so that chiropractors can see more patients without needing extra staff.   

As Dr. Mark Kimes says, “My only regret about the Platinum system is I should have installed it much sooner. Any DC who does not have this total practice management system in their office is actually losing money. Now we are also able to track our patients and follow up with them like never before which has amounted to a huge increase in retention and income. If you want to cut your overhead and increase your income then Platinum is a must for every DC.”

See for yourself why 99% of our doctors stay with Platinum for the life of their practice. Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, and is dedicated to helping chiropractors save time and money. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique billing and patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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