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How We Achieved Less Than 1% Rejection Rate For $22 Million In Claims

The average chiropractic office loses at least 3% of insurance collections thanks to delayed filing or rejected claims. This certainly adds up over time and reduces a practice’s overall revenue. However, the expense of hiring staff to track billing also adds up, and isn’t always effective if the practice’s billing procedures aren’t up-to-date.

Platinum System processes over $22 million in claims per month on behalf of our clients, with less than a 1% rejection rate. Fewer rejected claims means that doctors are paid sooner, without the hassle of follow-up to appeal the rejection.

The Platinum System SMART Insurance Billing Solution equips our professionally trained and experienced specialists with an advanced insurance billing software module. The specialists use the system to validate insurance information, submit claims, track payments, follow up with carriers, and post payments in transactions ledgers. The system is seamless, efficient, and saves each chiropractor time and money.

Additionally, because the Platinum System billing team achieves outstanding performance quarter after quarter, we qualify for and utilize the Trizetto 99% club. This resource enables our billing specialists to help practices have:

  • Faster access to revenue
  • Increased gross revenue
  • Decreased overhead associated with collection of revenue
  • Improved patient satisfaction regarding billing

With our SMART Insurance Billing Solution and resources like Trizetto, Platinum System is dedicated to keeping pace with regulatory changes so your practice doesn’t have to pay the price of not keeping up. Billing specialists also help chiropractic offices with credentialing by obtaining and completing forms and following up with payers. The specialists follow up on reasons for any claim denials and take all necessary and legal actions to minimize claim denials when possible.

Chiropractors can access all their insurance billing information anytime. Plus, Platinum’s insurance specialists are always available to provide further details and updates or specific case information, and will notify the chiropractor if further actions are needed

The rate charged for electronic claims is 6% of paid claims, with an additional 1% charged for any paper billing. Plus, you have access to the Platinum System EHR Software at no additional cost. To estimate your cost savings by using the Platinum System billing solutions, check out our free calculator.

We take care of the tedious work so you are free focus on the one thing that really matters—taking care of your patients.

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, and is dedicated to helping chiropractors save time and money. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique billing and patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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