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Is Your Billing Process Costing You Too Much Time And Money?

Pardon the pun, but billing for chiropractic care can be a real pain in the neck. The amount of time it takes to file and follow up on billing often seems like a full-time job. Not to mention, billing mistakes are costly and affect your bottom line revenue. The average chiropractic office loses a minimum of 3% of insurance collections thanks to delayed filing, unpaid claims, claims that aren’t followed up on, and misfiled claims.

But what if your billing could be handled by professional billing specialists for a fraction of the cost of employing an in-office staff member? And what if these specialists saved you time and money, and for once you actually saw an increase rather than a decrease in your collections?

That scenario is not a pipedream, it’s entirely possible. When you combine specialists who have years of experience working with insurance collections for chiropractors plus the right software, billing isn’t such a pain in the neck anymore.

The Platinum System SMART Insurance Billing Solution saves chiropractic doctors time and money by combining professionally trained and experienced insurance specialists with an advanced insurance billing software module. The specialists use the system to validate insurance information, submit insurance claims, track payments and follow up with insurance carriers, and post insurance payments in transactions ledgers.

The Platinum System SMART Insurance management software includes an individual eligibility Inquiry with insurance carriers that offer it. Billing Specialists also help chiropractic offices with credentialing by obtaining and completing forms and following up with the payers. The specialists will follow up on reasons for claim denials and, when possible, they will take all necessary and legal actions to minimize claim denials.

The SMART insurance management software includes an easy-to-use message center which allows for easy communication between the chiropractor’s office and our insurance specialists.

Chiropractors have access to all their insurance billing information in real time, whenever they want. Platinum’s insurance specialists are always available to provide further details and updates or specific insurance case information as needed, and will notify the chiropractor if further actions are needed

The rate charged for electronic claims is 6% of the paid claims, with an additional 1% charged for any paper billing. Plus, you have use of the Platinum System EHR Software at no additional cost. To estimate your cost savings by using the Platinum System SMART Insurance Billing Solution, check out our free calculator.

Take it from Dr. C.B., who says, "Within 30 days of working with platinum billing my collections began to spike and have only continued to improve. They work seamlessly with my office and are very easy for my staff to communicate with. It has been a great decision and the Platinum company continues to deliver a great product and great service."

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, and is dedicated to helping chiropractors save time and money. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique billing and patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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