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Is Your EHR Vendor's Customer Support Team 5-Star?

There are many factors chiropractors take into account when choosing an EHR system. Emphasis is usually placed on the set-up requirements, pricing, and how easily and quickly the software will help doctors and staff manage daily tasks. However, an equally important consideration should be how strong the EHR vendor’s customer support team is.

In fact, the relationship with the customer support team will go on for years, as long as the practice stays with that EHR vendor. The strength, or weakness, of the customer support team plays a vital role in determining how effective an EHR system will be for the chiropractor and staff members.

For example, if a chiropractor’s waiting room is full but the doctor is experiencing a problem with the software, he or she needs access to a customer support team member immediately. Whether the issue is a user error, an update, or an unexpected technology glitch, a customer support specialist needs to be available to walk through the steps to thoroughly resolve the matter.

Consider these comments left on reviews of Platinum System on Capterra:

“The customer service is by far superior to all other software companies who require you to submit tickets and wait for a response back. You can just call Platinum and get help instantly!”


“I can call Platinum and get help with a live person the moment I call. I have used competing software before where you have to wait on hold and others where you have to leave a message and wait for a call back which could take days. Platinum has great customer service.”


“The customer service team is more than willing to do everything in their power to fix or help me understand what is going on. They will stay on the line or call me back, but they will make sure that what I called about was taken care of.”



“The support team is very responsive to your inquiries and give very easy to follow instructions. Streamlined my note taking process to free up my time in seeing more patients.”



“We call VERY often for questions and they either answer right away or call back the same day or answer on the Facebook page.”



“The online support is great and the agents have always been over the top helpful.”



Simply put, accessible, skilled customer support specialists can make the difference in how each chiropractor optimizes their practice through an EHR software system. From scheduling appointments to organizing patient health information to running payments, 5-star customer support should be available at every step along the way.

See for yourself why 99% of our doctors stay with Platinum System for the life of their practice.

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, and consistently earns five star reviews for customer service. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique EHR and billing needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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