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It’s Here! Introducing Platinum X With New Features To Work The Way You Do

Do you ever feel like a square peg being asked to fit into a round hole when you’re using your chiropractic software? The thing is, every chiropractor runs their practice differently and you shouldn’t have to conform into a round peg to make your software work for you. Instead, your software should be able to adapt to work the way that you do.

Platinum’s EHR software has been designed with that principle in mind from the very beginning. Now, in celebration of our 10th anniversary of being in Barbados, we have refined the software even more to work the way you do with our updated Platinum X!

Platinum X is an update with new built-in features that can be easily downloaded right from your computer. Here are a few compelling reasons to get excited about the new Platinum X experience:

What’s New With Platinum X?

  • A top menu allows you to search, access files, open your calendar, and print anything you want, instantly.
  • Left side menu tools give you everything you need without blocking your center screen. Customize this menu to hide any menu options you don’t want to make more room for your most used menu items.
  • New search feature allows you to choose your search parameters.
  • The new EHR screen looks sleek and allows you to customize the look, making it easier to find the info you need.
  • Note missed appointments directly from the screen without going to RQ.
  • Customize your background color and font to fit your preferences.
  • All keyboard shortcuts have stayed the same for an easy transition to the updated software.

How To Download Platinum X

If you currently have Platinum System EHR software it’s easy to download Platinum X:

  1. Go to PS Update on your desktop, or if you don’t have that go to plastinumsystem.net and download the “auto update utility program” on the homepage.
  2. Make sure all the rest of the systems are closed and run the update.
  3. Once update is complete, open Platinum System.
  4. Right click Options.
  5. Select Modern Look in bottom left-hand corner.
  6. Exit out of Platinum
  7. Run an index with all systems closed
  8. Reopen Platinum

If you need assistance downloading or using the updated software, please call our 5-star support team at 888-880-8602.

Want to learn more? Watch our video about Platinum X



Do you have more questions about Platinum X? Call 888-880-8602 or email Info@PlatinumSystem.com


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