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Mission control and Care Plans

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Your biggest loss of income is unattended Care Plan visits.

Until today, tracking Care Plan compliance was virtually impossible.

Now, Review Wave makes Care Plan tracking seamless with our algorithm.

Simply enter the Care Plan into Review Wave and it'll write directly into Platinum!

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Then our NEW Mission Control will alert your team.

Know minutes before the patient arrives if visits need to be rescheduled to get the patient back on track with their Care Plan.

Mission Control provides a finger on the pulse of daily operations!

One page to inform your team of everything they need to know for the day:

  • Patients coming into the office on or around their birthday
  • Patients who missed their appointment the day before
  • That day’s unconfirmed appointments
  • Care Plan compliance notifications, like next appointment or missed appointments
  • Patients who are missing contact details, like email or mobile number
  • And even more pieces of VITAL information coming soon!

Plus, you can text patients, mark appointments as confirmed, and more from here.

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Mission Control & Care Plans are guaranteed to make your team’s life easier!

  • You will run your practice more smoothly
  • Take your patient experience to the next level
  • Increase your reviews
  • Decrease team stress
  • Increase your profit margins 

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can get Mission Control and Care Plans for FREE!

How? You just need to be on our Premium Package (just $299/mo) to get these features at no additional cost (including Online Forms).

ACT NOW! Soon, these sweet new features will only be available in our $399/mo Pro Package. Get Mission Control & Care Plans below:

Sign Up or Upgrade to Premium Today

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