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Own Your Future with This October Special: Purchase Platinum System Software for a Flat Fee of $5400 to Own Your Software and Data

If you’re preparing to open your first chiropractic office or are looking to switch EHR software to an alternative option that better fits your needs, congratulations! You’re in luck.

Platinum System is offering a special flat fee of $5400 if you purchase Platinum System in the month of October. Buying Platinum System EHR software allows you to own your data and software, unlike cloud-based programs or monthly pay programs that require you to continually pay to get your data.

Paying a flat fee that saves you thousands of dollars ($2500 to be exact) and gives you access to streamlined EHR software is a decision worth making in the short—and long—term.

The right EHR software will not only help you stay organized and efficient, it will also keep you HIPAA compliant and help you record SOAP notes that meet Medicare requirements. The right EHR software can also streamline your procedures and patient flow so that you can continue forward on a swift trajectory for growth.

What are you waiting for?

Limited Time Flat Fee

For chiropractic practices that are ready to make the switch to 5-star EHR software, Platinum System is currently offering an October special on our EHR software for a yearly pay out of $5400. With this amount, you will own the software and, as a result, own your future.

More good news: If you aren’t ready to setup Platinum System in October, you can delay installation to start using our EHR software at a later date. Once your installation is complete, your practice will have access to Platinum System’s superior software. With your new purchase, you will have free access to our 5-star customer support team for three months.

Take advantage of this one-time flat fee for $5400 and gain a great software at a low price. Plus, gain confidence in the future of your practice by setting it up for continued success for the long run.

If you are still not convinced this is the right move for your practice, consider these numbers:

  • Platinum System EHR and billing software has doubled patient volume for established chiropractors, without increasing staff needs.
  • Quick, reliable, and seamless, Platinum System has a retention rate of over 95% among thousands of doctors around the world.

If you want to continue your growth trajectory but are unsure of how to successfully get there, call on Platinum System. It’s easy-to-use software does it all and is an investment worth your time and commitment.

To see how Platinum System EHR software works, view this simple step-by-step chart. Also, view our free online demo to see how our tools can help you grow your practice. To discuss the October-only $5400 flat fee with savings of $2500, contact us online or call us at 888-808-4898.


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