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Platinum Helps Dr. Glenn Jaffe's Chiropractic Practice Thrive

Dr. Glenn Jaffe has used Platinum as his chiropractic EHR for years in his practice. Dr. Glenn Jaffe is a chiropractor in Charlotte, North Carolina, who has used Platinum in his practice for a long time. We spoke with him recently about how he got started in his journey, 

1. Why did you become a chiropractor? And what are you most proud of when it comes to patient care?

I grew up in a family that followed the medical model. I started college as a nursing student and wanted to go into anesthesia. I figured it was in health care, I could make a good living and did not have to go to school forever to become a “doctor.” In my second year, I was at home for Thanksgiving, visiting my chiropractor, and he asked how school was. I had decided that I needed to do something different and when I told him, he asked if I had considered chiropractic. I switched majors, and after graduation enrolled at the school he attended. Once I finished, I ended up in Florida, then after hurricanes and a change in my life, I ended up in Charlotte where I opened up my own practice from the ground up. 

For almost a decade, I was in a group that gave me the foundation of how to run a practice, but did little to help me on my journey to understand why I was doing what I was doing. After a series of events that opened my eyes and my heart to see what chiropractic really is all about, I saw a change in my practice, which led to a change in my life. I went from not knowing why I wanted to be a chiropractor to being on the path to trying to be the best chiropractor I can be so that I can help my community the best way I can. 

The body has an amazing ability to heal and function at a high level. It is always trying to do everything it can to survive. We are meant to live life – to experience it, fully. We aren’t meant to just be. Everyone should know this truth and be given the opportunity to experience it for themselves. Once I realized this, my practice changed.

For so many, chiropractic gives people hope. For me, that fills my heart that people can have their lives changed and do things they once thought were not possible. 

2. You’ve fine tuned how your practice handles chiropractic SOAP notes. What can you share with us about that? 

For a chiropractic practice that’s high volume, the ability to create accurate, compliant and efficiently quick notes is key. We created a system — from intake paperwork to exam form to daily, randomized notes — that allows the doctor to do what they are supposed to do: focus on the patient. The notes are created with a combination of information from the patient intake and the exam form. The questions on the intake forms allow for quick collection of necessary information to satisfy documentation requirements. Then, going forward, each daily note contains information for that day as well as all background information from exams so that each daily note can stand on its own clinically. 

I also have a short video where I demonstrate how the one-button note works for the daily visit: 

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3. How has Platinum helped you manage your chiropractic practice?

We came from a system that allowed for quick, efficient notes, but it was lacking in strong accounting, insurance billing and explanation of benefits management. Platinum drastically reduced the amount of time my staff spends on insurance, EOBs and patient accounting. Because the accounting is now accurate, we have better information to see, track and manage finances at a different level than before. This allows better decisions to be made since the information is more accurate.

It also allows me a more broad view of the patient's clinical picture so I can easily see what I need to when the patient is in the room without having to hunt for it.  I feel more in control of where the patients are in their care because I have easy access to information. 

The ability to integrate with third-party apps, like Review Wave and Fortis, allows us to automate so much more, which saves time and makes us more profitable. Our collections have improved simply by having better systems in place. Our patient retention has also improved because we have better systems in place. 

4. Are you seeing an uptick in patients coming to you with issues stemming from the pandemic? 

I have been saying this for years — Corporate America is bad for your health. The huge uptick in people working from home has uncovered so many postural and stress-related responses in our patients. They realize that they cannot continue doing what they are doing and expect things to improve. With time now allowing it, as well as getting to the point where their life is impacted too much by their symptoms, more people than ever are in our office. 

People are realizing that the cute desk and chair they purchased on Wayfair because it matched their couch are now scrambling to find work-from-home hacks. Sitting on the couch with your laptop for hours at a time will catch up with you. 

I would also say that my new patients, in general, have never been as young as they are now. What I mean is that, even as a family practice, seeing kids and families, we still have plenty of working-age adults. Those working-age adults are now coming in to see us in their 20s, complaining about things that they thought they could "deal" with. Though unfortunate they are feeling this way, it gives me hope that they are seeing the value of long term care to make sure they can keep doing what they want to do in 10, 20, 30 years. 

There is always a gift, even when things look as bleak as they might for some right now. But, this could end up being one of the biggest gifts chiropractic has ever uncovered. As long as we can deliver high quality care to more and more, we will increase the impact on our communities. 

5. What are some "hacks" you've discovered that makes the business side of chiropractic care run smoother?

I think that with the ability to integrate with Fortis, online payments and improved cash flow help the most. I also have a clearer snapshot of things since Platinum has a robust report portfolio. The insurance management is also huge for my staff. The more automation, the more we can focus on the patients and give them a world class experience. 

If you want to streamline your SOAP notes and shave minutes off of every patient appointment, talk with us today! 


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