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Platinum Talks: Dr. Jay Shetlin



Platinum’s Mark Lewis and Dr. Jay Shetlin, founder of The Whiplash Group, recently discussed how Platinum has served his practice. In the above video, he also lays out tips to market yourself as a chiropractor and stand out from the crowd. 

The Whiplash Group was founded in 2010, evolving from a state club to a nationwide group of doctors and attorneys that specialize in personal injury. As a “Certified Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury Specialists,” Dr. Shetlin educates physicians and attorneys around the world on the proper diagnosis, treatment and documentation of Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury cases.  He has authored books and magazines on topics including, hidden soft tissue injuries, motor vehicle physics as applied to occupants, patient recovery protocols and more.  

Dr. Shetlin is also a licensed and practicing chiropractor. 

A lot of new personal injury graduates feel it is necessary to jump into practice right after graduation, according to Shetlin. 

 “We are all licensed once we graduate to treat personal injury,” he said, “but that doesn’t mean we are good at it. There is a lot of additional training and testing that is necessary, and the Whiplash Group helps with this process. The Whiplash Group tries to find those courses that have training and testing so we can show proficiency in the medical-legal field. If we don’t treat injuries the right way, the patients lose.” 

Dr. Shetlin stated that he wished more attorneys were willing to jump into seminars and networking opportunities with chiropractors so that they can speak the same language. He discusses how important it is that both chiropractors and attorneys understand what the other needs. Having an understanding of  what the attorneys need to make sure the patient is taken care of properly, and what the patient needs from them to make sure they are rehabbed fully to match the medical improvement is a critical step to a patient's care, according to Shetlin, and that isn’t something that can be known right out of school. It takes additional training. 

Networking is a huge part of the Whiplash Group. 

“You get to rub elbows with other specialists in that field you are trying to black belt,” said Shetlin.

Having that support from similar doctors in your field helps you streamline reporting while keeping it ethical and fun. 

Dr. Shetlin is also a talented and experienced marketer. One of his goals is to help you market yourself well, whether he puts you on the cover of a magazine, or helps you write a book. He is always in search of information he can get to people in his group. 

Dr. Shetlin believes that Platinum is a large part of running a successful and smooth operation at your practice. 

“We need to be able to move as fast as we can so that we can be in present conscious time with the patient,” said Shetlin, “and that’s where Platinum comes in, so we can do the SOAP notes quickly. I love how the SOAP notes are custom-made. We program the buttons — this is not some cookie cutter software…” 

He loves that Platinum allows his practice to take their information, their specialty, and program the buttons so that “when we do it, it is us pouring into those SOAP notes.” 

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