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Running A Chiropractic Business That Revs Up Revenue

What if you could see more patients, spend less time on billing, and increase revenue, all while reducing overhead? That scenario may seem like a pipedream, but it’s actually very realistic to achieve. In fact, thousands of chiropractors are revving up their revenue stream without extra effort, like Dr. Scott Sawyer.

Dr. Sawyer says, “I run a successful, high volume practice with fewer CA's that ever before, and finally I am much more profitable than ever before.” The secret lies in a combination of streamlining productivity and improving billing with the right EHR software. Here are just 2 key ways to achieve more revenue with less effort:

Streamline Productivity

Treating each patient requires a long list of tasks, ranging from administrative paperwork and scheduling to recording compliant SOAP notes and more. Each task is no doubt time-consuming, but there’s a way to streamline this time so that the whole practice runs more efficiently and effectively.

The right EHR software can handle many of the tasks that normally occupy the front desk staff or CA’s. For example, patient can register themselves online and sign in electronically when they arrive for a visit with an EHR system that uses electronic patient health cards.

Text or email appointment reminder messages can also be sent automatically, resulting in fewer missed appointments and less time that staff members have to spend making appointment reminder calls.

In addition, EHR software that organizes all patient information on a single screen instantly saves doctors and staff an incredible amount of time. Having to scroll through multiple screens to locate patient information or make notes slows down efficiency and makes organizing all documentation more challenging.

Tighter Billing

When a practice’s billing procedures are less than airtight it’s inevitable that reimbursements and payments will be lost. In fact, most chiropractic practices lose at least 3% of insurance collections due to faulty filing or rejected claims. On top of that loss, employing in-house staff to manage billing is an expense that can take a toll on overall revenue. It’s possible to have more efficient and effective billing procedures with the Platinum System SMART Insurance Billing Solution.

Dr. Jeff Schels can testify to this, since using Platinum System allowed him to more than double his practice volume with almost half the staff he once had. He says, “Once we switched to Platinum System to handle our billing a few years ago, our collection percentage instantly went up 5% and the cost to bill went down $2,000 a month due to us not needing full-time staff to do it.”

Platinum’s billing specialists increase collections with an advanced insurance billing software module that enables them to:

  • Validate insurance information
  • Submit claims correctly
  • Track payments
  • Follow up with carriers
  • Transfer payments properly

Key Takeaway:

Having smarter software that streamlines productivity along with professional, airtight billing results in increased revenue with less in-house effort, and that’s a win-win scenario any chiropractor would like to celebrate.

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable billing and EHR software in the industry, helping chiropractors focus on patients, not paperwork. Platinum System processes over $22 million in claims per month on behalf of our clients, with less than a 1% rejection rate. Fewer rejected claims means that doctors are paid faster, without time and energy wasted on following-up to appeal a rejection.

To see how Platinum System EHR software works, view this simple step-by-step chart or view our free online demo. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique billing and patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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