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Platinum's Director of Sales Mark Lewis sat down last week — virtually, of course!— with Breakthrough Coaching's Mark Sanna to discuss Platinum and all we have to offer. 

Sanna's goal is to help chiropractors reach their goal — to become a healer. Unfortunately, sometimes that means a very heavy workload and long hours spent taking care of others. He described a client who recently told him that she missed her son's first baseball game of the season due to her work hours. Her son hit his first home run, and she missed it.  Hearing that broke his heart, Sanna said. 

Mark Lewis has worked with Platinum for 15 years as the sales and marketing director. He's heard many such stories throughout the years. It's why Platinum exists. 

"I've been in 900 offices throughout the world," Lewis said, "and the original owner did the same thing."

Platinum was designed in chiropractor's offices after careful listening to the doctor's needs.  

In the video below, Mark discusses the features that establish Platinum as the standard in EHR software, including:

  • Two-way communication between the doctor and the front desk
  • Simple scheduling
  • Streamlined SOAP notes
  • Spine profile

Learn more about all the features Platinum offers here!



The Power of Single Screens

One of the most powerful features of Platinum is the fact that there are only two screens — one for the front desk and one for the doctor. All the information is right at your fingertips, as seen below.  Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 8.41.48 PM

Each column in the image above can be for a separate doctor, making viewing the schedule simple. On the left hand side, front desk staff can see the patient's file while keeping the schedule open on the right. The patient's file includes demographics, insurance, the patient's billing form, credit card integration and online forms. 

The online forms include registration, which can be sent to the patient before their appointment. The patient fills their information in online, and the information is converted to a PDF that is instantly automated to the patient's associated documents in Platinum's system. That means no paperwork in the office! 

Platinum also features built in text messaging. Responses to texts feed directly into the system, so you can have two-way communication that is easy to locate and access later if you need to. 

Simple Check-in

When patients arrive, they can use a card or a pin number to check-in. With the current pandemic, most practices are requesting that patients swipe their card or download the card to their cellphone, which can then be scanned with a 2D scanner to limit contact. 

The system aids with memory management. There's no need for sticky notes that can get lost easily because everything is recorded right on the screen. 

Platinum's calling system is another perk. When the patient first arrives, front desk staff or the doctor can record their name, as seen below. When it's his or her turn to head to the patient room, the system automatically plays the recording. One less thing to worry about! 

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 8.45.18 PM


Once the patient gets to the doctor, it's time to use the second screen. The left hand side is, once again, the patient file, while the right hand side is used for note taking. The notes can include everything from diagnosis codes, referral sources, and everything else the old "travel cards" used to include. The note-taking system is very customizable without requiring any programming. 

Platinum features an option doctors can use to ask subjective questions. As seen below, Platinum auto-populates possible answers to these questions. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 8.48.44 PM

Most note-taking takes less than 15 seconds, which is a real lifesaver when it comes to getting home in time for dinner! Platinum aims to help chiropractors get their notes done in real-time rather than coming back at the end of the day and filling them in.

X-Rays are included in the patient file as well. Everything the doctor needs is right on the screen!

Simple Billing Solutions and More

When it comes to billing, sections are color-coded so that you can see what has been paid, what's outstanding, what's been submitted and never been paid, and more, so that it's easy to do a quick billing audit. That results in you getting your money faster. 

If you want to use an outsourced billing service, Platinum offers that as well for 7% of insurance claims. It's like having an extra employee! 

Finally, Platinum offers robust reporting that show you how long patient visits take, how many patients were walk-ins, how many appointments were missed, and more. 

If you're ready to see how Platinum can be customized for your practice, schedule a demo with Mark or one of our other sales representatives.  


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