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Switch to Platinum Without Worrying About a Thing

Technology changes quickly. At Platinum, we try to offer you the tools you need when you need them. Sometimes, though, tech doesn’t work the way we want it to. Luckily, our support team is always here to answer your questions and help you fix whatever issue you may be having! 

Our customers at Lexington Spinal Care said in a recent review that they always receive a solution when they call our solutions center. 

“Their agents are very knowledgeable, and very patient with those of us who are basically computer illiterate (or at minimum, very challenged),” said Dr. Edward Carpenter with Lexington Spinal Care. “They will also call back to confirm a situation was completely resolved.  I have made a goal to try to emulate their excellent level of service with my own patients.”

Cary Gentry with Waypoint Chiropractic said that Platinum does everything they need it to, and that staff members learn new things that help improve their practice daily because of us. 

“The support staff are always helpful as well!” he added. 

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It’s a consistent theme in all of our reviews. Our customers recognize that we want them to succeed, and we spend as much time as necessary to help you get to where you need to be. 

Just ask Julie Carpenter. 

“Every time I call Platinum support with a question or because I need assistance, I am amazed at the consistent level of excellent service I receive,” she said. “For example, today, [a Platinum support agent] spent over two hours with me creating a doctor’s report template that I can populate with individual patient info to create a personalized take-home letter for each new patient. Keep in mind, we have been clients of platinum for eight years, and they never cease to excel! It is partly due to this product and support that we are able to see over 120 patients a day and remain compliant. We will always recommend [Platinum] to fellow DC practices.”

Our support staff is always easy to reach and easy to work with. Michael Bryan with Integral Chiropractic said that our support staff is “always friendly, very knowledgeable, and quick to fix whatever your issue is.” 

“They also do regular updates, so if you need or request a change, there's a possibility your request might become reality,” he added. 

To put it simply — Platinum makes your life simple. Whether it’s serving the people in your office well to streamlining the business process, we’re here to help. 

If switching your practice to a new EHR feels overwhelming, rest assured that our team will help make the transition as seamless as possible. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Book a demo now to see how we can streamline your practice without disrupting your day-to-day operations.


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