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Top 3 Reasons Wellness Practitioners Should Start 2018 with Platinum EHR Software

Now’s the time to start positioning your practice for success in 2018. Whether you’re setting up a new practice or have been working with patients for years, starting the year with the top EHR software puts you in the fast lane to boosting revenue while reducing overhead.

Even the smallest administrative tasks can slow any chiropractic office down. And something as basic as whether a patient follows through with scheduling another appointment or not can have a cumulative impact on revenue, not to mention the patient’s health. But Platinum System EHR software eliminates those issues, and enhances the business of running a chiropractic business in three key ways.

Effortless Integration That Saves Time

Platinum System EHR software integrates two solutions to make any chiropractic practice run more efficiently and effectively. With a simple front desk office solution and another computer for a doctor’s SOAP notes, the patient’s full history and treatment plan are accessible with one touch.

Tracking all appointment notes, x-rays, thermal scans, posture images and spinal levels, becomes quicker yet more thorough. A patient's file can also be flagged for administrative follow-ups like payments or insurance verification. The chiropractor spends less time doing busy-work and is free to devote more time to the hands-on work of treating patients.

The EHR software helps with the actual treatment aspect, as well. With a simple glance of the computer screen, the doctor has a complete overview of the patient’s condition, including if they are following their care plan, how many appointments they’ve had, how many they’ve missed, and how many are scheduled. The practitioner is able to make informed clinical decisions while helping patients stay on track with their care.

Patient Referrals & Retention

Patients expect their visits to be quick and easy, and having to fill out paperwork or check in and out with front office staff can be time consuming. With Platinum System, each patient receives a Chiropractic Health Card that they use to check in when arriving for an appointment. They use the card to pull up their file at the adjusting table, giving the doctor full access to their history, x-rays, scans, and care plan, along with messages and reminders.

With these comprehensive and direct communications, patients feel both more informed and invested in their ongoing care. When patients know that a practice values their time as well as their health, they’re less likely to lapse in their care plan or miss appointments. They become loyal patients, and we all know that loyal patients are a key referral source for bringing new patients to the practice.

Increase Revenue

The EHR bills patients automatically, without any intervention from a CA or office manager. At each visit, the doctor may verify the billing from their screen to make sure it’s accurate and, if needed, the doctor can send messages to the front desk for any follow-up tasks. But if patients have pre-scheduled and and pre-paid their plan, they can leave the clinic without even stopping at the front desk. With automatic billing, insurance posting, and EFT or credit card charging, billing mistakes are reduced while collections are improved.

In fact, chiropractors like Dr. Schels have been able to double their practice volume while reducing staff overhead. As Dr. Mark Kimes says, “Now we are also able to track our patients and follow up with them like never before, which has amounted to a huge increase in retention and income.”

Whether you’re launching a new practice or are a seasoned chiropractor who’s wondering about switching EHR software, Platinum System EHR software has the potential to transform your practice in 2018. Fast, reliable, and seamless, Platinum System is used by thousands of doctors around the world, with a retention rate of over 95%.

Platinum System offers the fastest and most reliable EHR and billing software in the industry. To see how our tools can help you grow your practice, book a free online demo. Or, if you’d like to discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.


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