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Top 5 Mistakes Chiropractors Make When Choosing EHR Softwar

The EHR software you choose to use in your practice is as important as the staff you hire or the equipment you purchase. Managing your patient records and billing efficiently can make all the difference in how smoothly your day-to-day operations run, not to mention your bottom line. Many doctors who’ve been in practice for awhile know this well, but often find themselves in the position of needing to switch their EHR software, either because it’s being discontinued or it just isn’t serving their needs.

Whether you’re investing in EHR software for the first time or are switching software after several years in practice, avoid these five common mistakes chiropractors make when choosing EHR software:

1. Choosing a slow process with multiple screens

Several chiropractic EHR systems organize patient information on several screens, such as one for x-rays, one for a care plan, etc.  Having to scroll through multiple screens to locate patient information or make notes slows down your efficiency. Look for EHR software that has a patient’s complete information on one screen, accessible with one touch.

2. Doesn’t offer electronic check-in & out

Do your patients, yourself, and your staff a favor by investing in EHR software that offers a way for your patients to check in and out electronically rather than signing in with a front desk person. Not only does this save time for your patients and your staff, it also pulls the patients information up on a screen that both the doctor and front desk can instantly access.

3. Not intuitive to use

Some EHR software programs can appear quite impressive, but when doctors actually begin to use them they find they’re overly complicated and confusing. EHR software should be intuitive to use, with instant access to exactly where each patient is in their treatment plan—including x-rays, SOAP notes, and spinal levels—as well as what their concerns may be and how you can best help them achieve optimal health.

4. Still requires unnecessary paperwork

Some EHR software still requires manual paperwork for tasks such as filing charts or fee sheets but there’s no need for this. EHR software should help you avoid traditional time-consuming tasks like pulling patient files and passing them back and forth between the doctor and front desk staff. Choose an EHR software program that handles everything electronically and eliminates the need to pull files or search for charts or fee sheets.

5. Not evaluating the EHR’s customer support

Of course, when you invest in EHR software your hope is that nothing will go wrong and you’ll have no questions or need for support. However, learning to take full advantage of the software takes time and will likely raise questions. Plus, if you should ever encounter a problem in using the software, you’ll need to rely on the software vendor’s technical support. Be sure to ask any EHR vendor about how their technical support works, and what their customer support ratings are.

The goal in choosing your EHR software is to streamline your productivity so you can be more effective in serving your patients. Because the more you can focus your attention on patients, the more willing your patients will be to return—not to mention make referrals.

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