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What You Should Expect From Your EHR Software Provider

Implementing a new EHR software solution involves an investment of your time and money, so no doubt you’ll want to  make sure you’re choosing the best possible provider. Today’s EHR software choices vary more than ever before, but there are key services the best providers always guarantee. If your EHR software provider is not meeting the following criteria, it’s time to consider switching.

User Friendly

The most important purpose of EHR software is to save chiropractors and their patients valuable time, hands down. The software simply must be user-friendly in order to do that. Look for software that has a patient’s entire history, including all S.O.A.P. notes and x-rays, on one screen. Scrolling through multiple screens for various pieces of patient information is time-consuming and unnecessary.

Also, look for software that enables patients to check themselves in and out electronically with a patient card system. This saves both patients and front desk staff a surprising amount of time. Plus, if patients have the ability to schedule and pay electronically they can leave the clinic without even stopping at the front desk.

Auto Billing

EHR software should automatically bill patients for services without any intervention from your staff. At each patient visit, the doctor may verify the billing from their screen to make sure it is accurate but should not have to track and follow up with the billing being sent. They should also be able to easily send messages regarding a patient’s billing status to the front desk when the need arises.


Web-based applications are limited when it comes to speed and reliability. If the Internet is down, so is your software. And web-based speeds may only be 60 MB while an internal server-based system can reach speeds up to 1000 MB and is not at the mercy of the internet.

HIPAA Compliant

To protect your moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of all patient records, you must make sure the EHR software will keep your practice HIPAA compliant. Look for software that has built in encryption.

Tech Support

You should expect your EHR vendor to help you switch from your current software to the new system, including migrating data from your existing EHR. The new provider should also offer thorough training for all software users during the implementation process and should offer prompt technical support whenever you need it, on the spot. Be sure to look for reviews of the provider’s technical support services, and choose one that other chiropractic doctors rave about.

Whether you are transitioning from a paperwork-based office or an outdated EHR software, finding the right EHR software provider will be worth the time and money you invest. It may well be the best “adjustment” you’ll ever make.

Platinum System EHR software is a fast and reliable tool that helps dedicated chiropractic doctors focus on healing patients and growing their practice. Our certified trainers will work with you and your team one-on-one to make sure you know how to use the Platinum System to its fullest capabilities. You can also learn the program at your own pace with our training videos and extensive training manual if you prefer.

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