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You’re Running for Community Chiropractor




Raise your hand if you you can begin your campaign for community chiropractor right now, even if you haven’t graduated or chosen a community yet. How? Start with you. Examine your own behavior, appearance and reputation. Would you take health advice from you? Are you dependable? Consistent? Trustworthy? Authentic? What can you improve on, and what should stay the same? Are you walking in excellence at all times?want a referral practice- we all do, right? We want to be the first result on google, the chiropractor everyone refers their family, friends and coworkers to, the community chiropractor. Here’s the secret: your campaign begins before you ever open the doors to your practice. Before you can be the number one Chiropractor, you have to get butts in the seats, and this begins with increasing your level of awareness. Opportunities to network and to serve are out there, and being aware of those opportunities is crucial to building your reputation in the community as not only the best Chiropractic office, but as a person of integrity.

Now that you’ve built yourself up into a fine candidate, start increasing your awareness of opportunities to network with other businesses. Which groups share your passion for the community? Which ones need a chiropractor? Are the meetings outside your office hours? Choose your groups, stay aware of their schedules and be the one who always shows up. Maintain your professionalism, and look for- or create, opportunities to serve the other businesses in your networking groups. Refer your friends and family to these businesses- they will remember that when your doors open and their friends need a chiropractor.

You’ve built yourself up and built bridges with the other businesses, it is time to dig into serving your community directly. 

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