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Congratulations to Judy Grace, Customer Support Manager! Platinum's Award Gala Evening Grand Prize Winner

Luck played its part, as names were drawn from a box—a tradition at Platinum, offering equal chances to all according to the numbers of years in service.The final prize was awarded to Judy Grace, Customer Support Manager,  whose 16 years of unwavering commitment to Platinum truly earned her this recognition. 

She was ever so excited doing her little dance on stage when Antoine Clermont, President, presented her the certificate.

After reality sunk in, she ecstatically said,  ”I’m thankful and grateful.  Thanks to Platinum for everything over the years.”

This is what Tanya Chase, Chief Operating Manager, has to say about Judy during the Gala speech:

Gather 'round and prepare to meet the cheerful champion, Judy Grace, the heart and soul of our Customer Support Department, whose smile is as infectious as her enthusiasm! With a sunny disposition and a can-do attitude, she brightened the darkest of days and turned frowns upside down. She's not just a manager; she's a ray of sunshine in our office.

With an impressive 16-year journey that began as one of the pioneers when our center opened here in Barbados in 2007, Judy quickly climbed the ranks from a customer support representative, to becoming a supervisor and eventually our fearless manager. But what truly sets her apart is her vibrant personality and her ability to keep the team in line with just the right balance of humor and authority.

Despite her no-nonsense demeanor, Judy is like the captain of our customer service ship, steering us through choppy waters with humor and a smile.

And let's not forget about her talent for renaming everyone in the office with some of the strangest names you've ever heard! From 'Mash Moosh' to 'Sylvan (no one by that name works here)' her creativity knows no bounds. She keeps us all on our toes and laughing along the way.

So, here's to Judy, our powerhouse of laughter wrapped up together with sternness and a bit of quirk. The guiding light of our Customer Support team. 

Congratulations on 16 incredible years of leadership and laughter!

….and for winning the U$5K Getaway Grand Prize.



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