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Dr. Erik Kowalke - SKED

Hey, Platinum Family

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You’re struggling to get all your messaging out on time
  • Missed messages are causing more no shows than it’s worth
  • Your team is bogged down by manually reaching out to every single patient

If you said yes to any of the above, I have great news for you:

SKED has unsurpassed deliverability scores so you can say “Goodbye” to frustration and “Hello!” to impressive show up & compliance rates . Leaving you with massive success and crushing your office goals!

After all, you don’t have time to spend hours upon hours on the phone, right?

Let’s see what SKED can do for you:

1.Deliver your messages to whom you want, when you want.

Not only will your messages go out on time but you can fully customize the parameters. Do you want new patients to get 4 reminders with specific information? No problem. Established adjustments only need a push notification 24 hours prior to their appointment and a text message 2 hours before their appointment? We got you!

2.Make scheduling convenient. 

Making scheduling convenient for all of your patients.You need to make sure you remove as many obstacles as possible so they can stay on track with your recommendations for care. One simple way to do this is by implementing the SKED app so your patients can manage appointments on their own time. SKED’s app is 100% more efficient than phone calls for managing appointments - your patients and your team will thank you!

3.Communicate, communicate, communicate.

With the average person sending and receiving 85 text messages per day, good communication is key and your patients expect an easy way to get ahold of you! Taking time to communicate the right information at the right time is absolutely crucial. Not only that but the messages need to be delivered on time. Guess what? We got you!

A few things you might want to consider when setting up a system to communicate with your patients:

  • Is the system reliable? (Hint: SKED’s uptime and deliverability is incredible!)
  • Can you customize the messaging by each appointment type?
  • Will the system allow you to have 2 way texting with your patients?

Interested in learning more about an automation system that has impressive uptime and deliverability rates? Schedule a call with my strategy team today to learn how SKED can help and you’ll receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card after the call!


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