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Drs Dean and Jen DePice - TLC Coaching

TLC Coaching is the premiere chiropractic community devoted to nurturing and challenging chiropractors and CAs to serve with longevity and to prosper sustainably. We are practicing chiropractors with decades of experience who dispel the belief that coaching is really practice management.

TLC exists to solve the problems that chiropractors face in practice.

  1. Attracting new patients continually
  2. Prospering financially consistently
  3. Training and maintaining teams who provide the highest quality of care with longevity

TLC solves these problems by living our 5 core tenants - we:

  1. Protect home lives- “our practices will never be more prosperous than our home lives”
  2. Love chiropractic- ”we practice from above down inside out with congruency ridding our practices of subluxations that interfere with our greatest growth”
  3. Live debt free- “not being in debt to any man frees us to fulfill our mission in life”
  4. Establish our own patient care protocols- “disciplines do equal freedom”
  5. No contracts- “you are in TLC as long as you want to be”

Connect with us. Explore your possibilities. Realize the unending benefits that await you.

TLC is as unique as you are. We offer – Coaching - Seminar Experiences - Educational Tools delivered to you at the lowest cost with the most return for your practice and home life.  

NO RISK to you - Try us, you will like us!

My heart is full of gratitude for this community of choice. TLC helps me and my practice grow and leave a legacy driven practice. We are better together than apart and isolated. TLC community is connection.”

~ Dr Joe, PA

Connect with us! 

Phone: 215-657-1701

Website: tlc4superteams.com


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