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Meet the Employees from the Solution Center Who've Been with Us for Over 15 Years!

Read what we had to say about each at the 20+Year Celebration Gala Evening held in April 2024:


Tanya Chase - 15 years - Chief Operations Manager

Tanya is a source of inspiration and anchor for those around her. 

Committed to her team members, direct with a touch of elegance, flexible without being indifferent, true to her commitments, she demonstrates great leadership. Tanya's leadership shines through in her ability to navigate challenges with clarity and grace. With her unwavering dedication and graceful demeanor, Tanya serves as both an inspiration and a stabilizing force for those fortunate enough to work alongside her.

She doesn't like gray areas and imprecisions. Known affectionately as "Mrs. Procedure," Tanya has a disdain for ambiguity and thrives in structured environments. Her adherence to precise protocols ensures efficiency and reliability in all endeavors.

But beneath her composed exterior lies a fierce advocate for justice and respect.  Tanya passionately and emotionally defends her team and clients against any form of injustice.

Platinum is etched on her heart. Platinum runs through Tanya's veins, symbolizing her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. 

Tanya, a true pillar of strength and integrity.


Natasha Anthony – 15 Years – Insurance Billing Rep.

Get ready to meet the trailblazer of our Insurance Billing team, none other than Natasha Anthony! With an impressive 15 years of dedication to our company, she's not just an employee, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Starting her journey in the customer service department, Natasha quickly made her mark with her no-nonsense attitude and her knack for speaking her mind. She's the kind of person who doesn't beat around the bush; she'll tell it like it is, whether you're ready to hear it or not!

But her story doesn't stop there! When our Insurance Billing department opened its doors, Natasha was one of the first in line to step up to the challenge. With her unmatched commitment and determination, she paved the way for success and set the standard for excellence. 

And let's not forget about her fan club – the clients absolutely adore her! With her honesty, integrity, and no-nonsense approach, she's won over hearts and minds alike.

So, here's to Natasha, the pioneer of our Insurance Billing Department, the straight shooter we can all rely on, and a client favorite we're all lucky to have.


Stacia Payne – 16 Years – Insurance Billing Rep.

Introducing our seasoned veteran of the insurance billing team, Stacia Payne! With an impressive 16 years under her belt, she's not just an expert in navigating the complexities of insurance, but also the reigning mom of the team.

Starting off as a customer service representative, Stacia quickly became the go-to person for problem-solving and a shoulder to lean on. But don't let her warm smile fool you, she's also got a belt ready to keep her team in line!

Transitioning seamlessly into the Insurance Billing team, Stacia brought her unparalleled expertise and her firm but nurturing hand. She's the momma bear who'll take off her belt (figuratively speaking, of course) to keep her team on track and ensure every claim gets processed with precision.

So, here's to our beloved insurance billing momma bear, Stacia, whose dedication and wisdom keep her team in line and contribute to the success of our insurance billing department. 




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