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Platinum’s Insurance Billing and Service Benefits

PLATINUM offers a robust insurance billing platform for you, your staff, and your billing experts, whether you handle it in-house or outsource. The integrated multi-management tool provides:


Insurance Billing Service (IBS): The Perfect Add-On

Spare yourself the constraints of time and resources — entrust your billing tasks to our IBS Expert Team.  Focus on providing exceptional patient care and enhancing retention.  Let patient and staff satisfaction be your priority, not the intricacies of insurance billing.

Using Platinum’s Insurance Billing Service (IBS) for insurance billing can offer many benefits for your office. Here are the reasons why you should switch today:

  • Expertise and Compliance: Insurance billing can be complex, with various regulations, codes, and procedures to follow. Outsourcing to Platinum IBS ensures that experienced professionals handle your billing, reducing the risk of errors because they work in your system and ensuring compliance with industry standards.


  • Time and Resource Savings: Managing insurance billing in-house can be time-consuming. Platinum IBS allows you to focus on core activities, while the IBS team handles administrative tasks. This can improve overall efficiency and productivity.


  • Reduced Errors: Billing errors can lead to delayed payments or claim denials. Platinum IBS has quality control measures to minimize errors, ensuring that claims are processed accurately and quickly.


  • Technology and Automation: Platinum IBS uses advanced billing software and technology, which streamlines the billing process and reduces the likelihood of errors. Platinum IBS can speed up the submission and processing of claims.


  • Cost-Effective: While there is a cost associated with Platinum IBS, it can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house billing department. Platinum IBS eliminates the need for hiring and training staff and dealing with ongoing administrative costs.


  • Focus on Patient Care: For healthcare providers, Platinum IBS allows them to focus on patient care rather than getting involved in the intricacies of insurance billing. This can lead to improved patient satisfaction and better overall healthcare services.


  • Scalability: Platinum IBS services can easily adapt to changes in the volume of claims or business growth. This scalability is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing fluctuations in their billing needs.


  • Access to Reporting and Analytics: Platinum IBS offers detailed reporting and analytics, providing insights into the financial health of your business. This information can be valuable for making informed decisions and improving overall financial performance.

Let Platinum IBS be your outside billing service. They have the experience, reputation and technology infrastructure to help you maximize your insurance billing collections.  Call them today at 1-888-808-4898.


“Customer Support is Unmatchable… The team at Platinum is a difference maker…they are quick to answer phones and provide IMMEDIATE feedback and solutions'', Brooka S., Office Manager




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