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PLATINUM's cutting-edge next-generation EHR software and Insurance Billing System will be geared specifically towards maximizing provider's business success and promoting a healthy work environment where rewarding true connections between doctors, staff and patients is the main goal.

Today, discover some of the key benefits for you, the Chiropractor

PLATINUM2.0 will be THE industry leader in EHR Software and Insurance Billing Solutions where true connections between doctors, staff and patients is the main focus.



PLATINUM2.0 is an enterprise grade application. It can perform under the extreme duress and it keeps important information safe as it passes through different servers, devices and people. The Best Practices are followed with our robust supporting infrastructure and top-notch customer service. Platinum will have a dedicated VIP Expert Transition Team that will guide you step by step with this amazing upgrade.

PLATINUM2.0 with strong data management policies, use two-factor sign-in that makes sure that users can protect their accounts and information, while also having easy access management tools for administrators. Platinum will be Technology Risk certified under KPMG supervision (ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II).

PLATINUM2.0 complies with security requirements and industry or government regulations.

  • GDPR
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Law 59 on access to personal information
  • Cures Act
  • Etc.

We can quickly adjust to customer needs and changing industry or government regulations.


Benefits for the Doctors


  • Compliant SOAP notes in seconds with flexible data entry
  • Striking visual aids to manage, monitor and compare patient treatment phases
  • Tailer dashboards to view the required information, to do tasks, appointment status and income
  • Customizable and flexible macros supported by a touchpad and hyperlinks to quickly and easily filter a multitude of information to build and format your notes



  • Variety of dashboards to access performance metrics:
    • Number of visits
    • Revenue realized/lost
    • Upcoming appointments
    • Case types oWaiting times
    • Waiting times
    • Overview of appointments
    • Etc
  • Access notes under draft status, and correct, confirm or sign at your convenience.
  • Review patient alerts and notifications in one central area and take immediate action
  • Quickly and easily apply charges and add services
  • Manage and modify treatment plans and financial agreements, and use the integrated information to assess charges covered by patients and by health insurance companies. This high level of integration of fee schedules, patient management and financial plans is a first in the industry.
  • Monitor and investigate missed patient visits to build a better, more intimate relationships with patients.
  • Remote access to data through cloud-based or web-based integrated software (Soc2 & HIPAA Compliance Certification).



  • Access to a scrubbing tool that signals the appropriate time to send insurance claims, verifies the required information, and flags receipt of payments. The integrated multi-management tool allows tickets to intercept rejected claims, more stringent validation and overall better claim management. This improvement clearly favors the use of PLATINUM2.0’s own billing services over outsourced resources.
  • Manage treatment plans and insurance coverage by phase of care. For example, diagnostic and CPT codes can be defined in advance and modified as required.
  • Determine when DME (Durable Medical Equipment) invoices should be submitted, based on the insurance coverage associated with treatment plans.
  • Access to an exhaustive fee schedule and benefits to pick best CPT codes to maximize billing profitability.
  • Use the integrated information, such as fee schedule, benefits, plan calculator to minimize patient income loss and know patients’ ability to pay, completed internally instead of outsourced.


Every month, learn more and more about the features and benefits of the upcoming next generation EHR Software called PLATINUM2.0. Stay connected with Platinum as we reveal more about our PS2.0.


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