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PLATINUM's cutting-edge next-generation EHR software and Insurance Billing System will be geared specifically towards maximizing provider's business success and promoting a healthy work environment where rewarding true connections between insurance billers, doctors, staff and patients is the main goal.

Today, discover some of the key benefits for you, the INSURANCE BILLER.


Centralized information to view SOAP notes, diagnostic, modifiers, pointers and CPT codes at a glance.

With a transversal system, identify the type of service supplied to health insurance companies, validate patient notes and get the doctor signature once the note has been verified, and add addenda as required if subjective, objective, assessment or plan must be corrected to match the diagnosis or billing.


(Insurance Billers Recoup Insurance Billing/Insurance Billers)

Access to pre-populated insurance policy templates that can be used for different family members, avoiding the need to copy the information

Centralize complete transactional information of a patient visit:

  • Details of the visit
  • CPT codes
  • Diagnostic and appointment codes
  • Log of all changes
  • Treatment plan management
  • Soap notes
  • And many more data points

Billers can easily connect, search, call up SOAP notes, etc. The all-in-one billing module can generate the billing while the notes are added, eliminating the need to master insurance procedures. This integrated system flags clinics when information has not been transmitted to health insurance companies, or when pieces of information mandated by the carriers are missing.​

Avoid non-payment and under-payment risks and inaccurate denials with the scrubbing tool that filters every reason code returned in the electronic explanation of benefits and brings up a dashboard listing and prioritizing the workflow.

Avoid long calls with direct external access to policy benefits listed online by health insurance companies.

Access to a scrubbing tool that signals claims that are about to be out of the time limit to fill, verifies the presence of all the required information and flags incoherent data. The integrated multi-management tool allows tickets to intercept rejected claims and generate appeals, more stringent validation, and overall better claim management.

Simplify the billing process by using PLATINUM2.0’s own billing services instead of outsourced resources.


Automatically download electronic payments paired with scrubbing, alerts, notifications and historic data.

Access to accounts receivable reports and related patient notes, transactional data and overdue payment alerts.

Access to time-saving automated cross-overs.

Enjoy multi-level security protocols that record all data pertaining to patient records modifications.

Count on notes signed electronically, accompanied by correction addenda.

Automatically verify benefits and initiate patient financial plans and send coverage changes to VOB partners.

Add policies for personal injury from employers or other third-party policies.

Every month, learn more and more about the features and benefits of the upcoming next generation EHR Software called PLATINUM2.0. Stay connected with Platinum as we reveal more about our PS2.0.



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