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At the end of the year 2021, Mr. Antoine Clermont, owner of Platinum System C.R. Corp., acquired a technology company, Sednove, to realize a team's dream: the development of a cloud version of Platinum 1.0. The project execution was entrusted to the Technology/Development team, led by two key individuals from Platinum, each with over 20 years of experience in product management, programming, technology, support, and chiropractic. There was no doubt that the application's development was in good hands. Work began in January 2022.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was defined even before the development of Platinum 2.0 began. The MVP is the simplest version of a product that meets the basic needs of early users or clients. Essential features were defined after numerous meetings and discussions with our sales/marketing team, dedicated support agents, and clients.


PLATINUM2.0 is a fast, smart, and reliable web-based chiropractic software. It reduces administrative workload, automates a lot of follow-ups, frees professionals by managing the system information, allows a better use of human resources, organizes clinic activities, maintains patient history, arranges documentation, manages inventory, and automates insurance claims and billing. PLATINUM2.0 will keep your clinic organized so you can see more patients in less time. No other web application or on-premises software is as flexible and scalable than PLATINUM2.0. 

With PLATINUM2.0, the navigation is fluent and intuitive. It is easy to use and easy to learn. The onboarding of new DCs, CAs and other staff members is then fast and effortless.  This is quite important with a high level of staff  turnover.

PLATINUM2.0 is an efficient Practice Management Software. The appointment scheduling is greatly simplified because the appointment book can be configured according to the needs of the clinic and professionals. Status of each appointment is updated in a timely manner (present, canceled, missed, in schedule, etc.) so you are in control.  In addition, the mobile app offers more flexibility with its online appointment scheduling. The invoicing of recurring services is done automatically as well as the processing of recurring payments because multiple payment solutions are integrated to the application. Quick access to all the information relating to a patient file allows for better organization of work. The robust and proven insurance module automates several follow-ups and validations, allows the uploading of insurer payments, fast and efficient submission of insurance claims and offers all the tools necessary to ensure proper follow-up of claims. You have everything you need to make sure you get paid properly and quickly.  

PLATINUM2.0 manages the clinic’s performance by integrating many decision-making support tools.   Namely, it will increase your income by optimizing the treatment plan of your patients according to the insurance coverage available and by the use of a clever system that notifies you when an action must be taken (reassessment, pre-authorization, end of plan, etc.) and which guides you in choosing the diagnostic codes to be preferred according to the patient's condition.  Business Intelligence (B.I.) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) are present everywhere in the application.

With PLATINUM2.0, professionals have access from a single menu to all the elements they need to consult during their service delivery. The Electronic Health Record includes x-rays, SOAP note history, spine levels with fitting technique, visit history, financial agreement, future appointments, major issues, etc. Patient forms completed online or via the subjective module as well as exam forms are also available and can be integrated into SOAP notes by the use of configurable narratives. Plus, an easy and flexible note-taking system ensures fast and efficient entry of full notes in under 45 seconds. Platinum is adaptable to different and multiple techniques.

Fully Integrated Software

PLATINUM2.0 also provides the professional with integrated educational tools or additional services for their patients through easy integration with major Application and Service Provider (ASP) whether in posture assessment, exercise programs, digital x-rays, thermography, or electromyography assessment.  Furthermore, Finance, Business and Reporting Services like QuickBooks are among other integrated products. 

A transversal system is integrated into PLATINUM2.0 in order to optimize all operations as much as possible and to promote the automation of the greatest number of tasks and the sending of notifications to guide your actions and decisions. For example, you can tie the SOAP notes back to diagnosis codes. The integrated communication system between clinic members and patients is very efficient and ensures that any important message is not missed. 

PLATINUM2.0 integrates very efficient Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools to ease patient acquisition and ensure their retention, namely review management and integration to digital marketing and social media applications. PLATINUM2.0 makes it possible to take charge of the patient, not only upon arrival at the clinic to when they get out, but in their day to day life through notifications, reminders, and personalized follow ups.  With this in mind, the mobile solution for the patient increases the quality of their experience and builds loyalty. The patient will be in synergy with their professional and more invested in the continuation of their care. 

The home page uses transactional data to present you with strategic information and insight into the day's operations so that you stay focused on what is important: your patients. In addition, the various KPIs of the clinic dashboard will allow you to make informed decisions about the strategic activities and management of the clinic. 

PLATINUM2.0 provides secure access to the clinic's databases by controlling user authentication and access rights as well as by tracking actions performed by each user. In addition, we use a reinforced and secure infrastructure to protect your data and support your compliance efforts. This combination gives you peace of mind at all times. 

PLATINUM2.0 is accessible from everywhere and integration with the clinic web site and other digital tools is straightforward. Whether you are at home, at a seminar, attending an event; screening potential patients, all the data and functionality will be at your fingertips. In addition, PLATINUM2.0 adapts to all types of practices: One Professional/Multiple Professionals, Chiropractor only/Multi Specialties (DC, MT, PT, etc.), Single location/Multiple locations, etc.   Your expansion has no limit. If you need a complete data integration at a corporate level, PLATINUM2.0 is scalable. The software is also developed to be adapted to the needs of other paramedical professionals.

PLATINUM2.0 offers an easy, safe, and fast data transfer and onboarding of new clients. It is self-configurable (as much as possible). 


PLATINUM2.0 is definitively the turn-key management solution that you need for your practice.  It is your unique one stop shop.


As of March 1st, 2024, we have completed the following modules/features:

  • New UI/UX with modern look and improved navigation
  • Patient profile with several additions compare to Platinum 1.0
  • Group Management with increased visibility
  • Global Search
  • Quick add New Patient with the ability to copy the demographic information from another patient
  • Appointments ledger with visibility on past appointment status (missed, canceled, rescheduled, completed) 
  • Booking with multi providers view, overbooking management and quick availability lookup
  • Map booking generated according to the phases of the treatment plan or ad hoc. This feature has been greatly enhanced. 
  • Online Forms (templates or custom forms)
  • Event Manager (notifications, alerts, and tasks)
  • Financial Plan (Individual, Family and Membership) with capability to manage concurrent financial plans
  • Insurance Policies and benefits management with capability to set copay and deductible by category of CPT codes
  • Fee Schedules
  • Treatment Plans and Phases of care
  • Transactions ledger with several add on compared to Platinum 1.0. Visibility on ICD-10 codes, modifiers, and soap note, linked to the service line. 
  • Patient Journey (Z-List)
  • Enhanced and user-friendly Query Builder
  • Check In Station
  • EHR interface
  • Manual Billing
  • Automatic billing
  • Tests and Exam Forms
  • Some reports
  • Dashboard

We plan to complete the remaining features for May 2024:

  • Subjective Station
  • Insurance Billing and Posting
  • Estimation Tool
  • Additional reports
  • Additional dashboards
  • Complete the integrations with WebExercises, 3D Practice (patient education tool), Posture Screen, The Vital Signs

You are invited to send us the forms, reports, KPIs and Metrics you would like to integrate to PLATINUM2.0

We will provide you with pricing in our next release and instructions on how to add your name to our waiting list to be among the first clinics to install PLATINUM2.0.  

We are marking time and building the future. Be part of the story.

Author: Nadine Brunet, VP





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