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Supercharge your EHR with robust features that free up your time and give you the flexibility to be productive no matter where you are.


Platinum Reach

Automate patient communications and simplify your workflow

Platinum Reach helps clinics that wish to optimize the patient journey experience. It significantly improves retention rates and increases the efficiency of the clinic by automating several functions and providing better organization of tasks and information. It allows staff to send automated appointment reminders via email and/or SMS according to patient preferences. When an appointment approaches, patients will be notified of the date and time and purpose of the appointment. Patients will receive a copy of the documents to be completed in advance, updates on public health directives, and be able to confirm their presence or justify their absence.

Platinum Reach can also be used to send no-show notifications, surveys, or basic campaigns. Clinics will be able to share general information about the clinic such as changes in hours, offers for new services, or the arrival of a new chiropractor. In addition, clinics will be able to announce various educational activities, invite patients to register, and send automated birthday wishes. Finally, the evaluation of the patient experience (Reviews) can be done automatically at the end of the visit.

The app is easy to use thanks to its simple and intuitive interfaces and functions. It allows patients to stay focused on their care and staff to free themselves from the phone and follow-ups. This gives them the opportunity to interact more freely with the patients present at the clinic, whether it’s for education or better meeting their immediate needs in a timely manner.

Platinum Reach should be used in conjunction with Platinum Booking to maximize results. It’s an entry-level version of the powerful product that will be offered with Platinum Cloud.


  • Automated and customizable appointment reminders, messages, and schedule
  • Automated no-show messages
  • Automated reviews after patients completed their visit
  • Messages and reminders are sent according to the patient preference (SMS, email, or both) and clinic preference for selected messages
  • Log of all appointments and reminders sent with the status (sent, scheduled, failed because no valid phone or email, etc.)
  • Send messages to selected patients
  • Send messages to patients with DOB this month or next month, and with a visit from the last 30 or 60 days
  • Schedule messages for a future date
  • Customizable messages templates
  • Use basic merge fields, emoji, and to attach documents
  • Create templates in English, Spanish or French and send messages according to the patient’s language
  • Log of message history with the status, content, and recipient
  • Search messages sent to a specific patient and/or with a specific subject
  • Filter messages sent by SMS, email, or both
  • Filter all messages that have failed
  • Filter messages sent on a specific date
  • Alert when patients respond to a message or a reminder
  • Log of all communications between the patient and the clinic
  • Send a message or an email from the log
  • Edit patient information in Platinum Reach
  • View and download documents returned by patients via Platinum Bookin


  • Increase your retention rate and leads
  • Reduces employee workload resulting in fewer mistakes
  • Simplifies overall appointment management and catches no-shows
  • Helps to increase revenue sources from additional visits
  • Platinum Reach is supported and developed by Platinum so there’s no third-party integration to manage, reducing the risk of data corruption
  • Information is updated more quickly in Platinum desktop for better functionality
  • Fully Integrated with other digital applications offered by Platinum (Platinum Booking and Platinum Go) and Platinum Desktop.
  • Automatic overnight updates so there’s no need to make updates manually
  • Get access to the latest new technology for more scalability
  • This hybrid version is a first step towards the full cloud version of Platinum currently in development
  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive so it requires less training to learn
  • Has the backing of the robust Platinum Gateway infrastructure

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"We started utilizing Reach...it definitely saves on time because our staff no longer has to make appointment reminder calls."

Dr. Shawna La Starza

La Starza Wellness

"If you want to cut your overhead and increase your income then Platinum is a must!"

Dr. Mark Kimes

Salinas Chiropractors

"I am much more profitable than ever before. I can't imagine going back!"

Dr. Scott Sawyer

Sawyer Chiropractic Group

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