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Dr. Erik Kowalke - SKED Founder/CEO

Hi Doc,

Automating your new patient onboarding can be a game changer for your practice! You can save your team time, increase your new patient show up rate by setting expectations, AND capture more new patients after office hours.

SKED's rapid messaging feature allows you to set expectations and provide everything your new patient needs before their first appointment. By doing this, you are not only saving time with the onboarding process, but creating a better experience for new patients, and encouraging them to actually show up. Provide the value they need to understand the importance of showing up and why they scheduled in the first place. 

SKED’s rapid messages can be triggered to send once a new patient schedules their first appointment within the scheduling portal.

Automate your:

Intake Forms

Expectation Videos

Office Directions

and more!

In this webinar, I will go over the “Leveraging Technology to Automate Your New Patient Experience,” scorecard and share my 5 steps to achieving over a 90% Day 1 Show Up Rate. These tools will allow you to test your office and where you can step up your automation game when it comes to getting new patients in your office. To access the scorecard and the webinar, CLICK HERE.


Dr. Erik Kowalke




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