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How to Generate More Online Reviews to Share Your Mission & Grow Your Practice

Hi Platinum Family


Are you looking for more new patients? How are you doing at generating a consistent flow of new online reviews for your practice? Did you know that consumers love to see a large number of reviews and admit that this will impact their purchasing decisions related to your business? (*source)


If you don’t have a large online presence with reviews, you are probably losing out on new patients without even recognizing it! You need to create social proof around your office and your brand & there’s no better way to do that than online reviews. Potential new patients will read your reviews, see how others have viewed your office and what impact you have made on their lives. This will translate to warmer leads who enter your doors and are more likely to sign on for care. The reviews will also help you build rapport without having to initially talk to them. Sounds like win, win for your practice!


Dr. Erik Kowalke, SKED Founder/CEO, has filmed an incredible webinar that you can register for HERE.  Join Dr. Erik, and other industry leaders, to learn the exact steps you can take today in order to gain a greater online presence through an increased number of reviews. This webinar is broken down into two, thirty minute, segments that are jam packed with the exact information you need to increase your online reviews. We can’t wait to see you there!


A few things you might want to consider:

  • How many Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews do you currently have?
  • Are you consistently gathering more reviews? Or is this area lacking in your office?
  • Which team member can help you with implementing the action steps in the webinar?
  • Do your patients leave stories in their reviews or just click *5 Star* and move on?


You may find the Goal Tracker that we gave you access to last month helpful for this new process. We’ve got you covered in case you forgot to save it before, download your SMART Goal Tracker.


Interested in learning more about SKED? We were founded by a chiropractor, for chiropractors like yourself!  Schedule a call with my amazing team today to learn how SKED can help you automate your online review collection with just a few clicks.




Dr. Erik Kowalke

SKED Founder/CEO


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